Could it be worse ?

Muslims always pray facing toward Mecca.


Please help yourself to the cake.


Let's go over there and sit down a while.

I decided to fast to death.

Standing on the steps to receive them was an old woman, neatly dressed in black silk, with a white cap and apron.

I never trusted you.

Kuldip is very outgoing.


This time I'll pay.


You have no right to pass judgement on these people.

He didn't know Shakespeare wrote Romeo and Juliet.

Growing this thick mustache has taken me quite a while.

Why aren't you working?

Cathryn wanted directions to a good Chinese restaurant.

I need you to stay with me.

They have access to the library.


What do you do, exactly?

Tell me something I haven't heard before.

I intended to start at once.

Have you any references from your other employers?

Aircraft carriers are good to invade and annihilate weak countries like Iraq, Afghanistan and Somalia. They're completely useless against a nuclear nation like Russia or China.

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Louise is unemotional, isn't he?

I've met them.

We don't want to do this.

Was there anybody else besides Ranjit?

It was an event that proved extraordinary.

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She turned and began to cry.

She maintains that her analysis is correct.

Joni can be pig-headed and stubborn at times.

If you change a sentence that already has some translations, please warn the authors of the translations about it.

He answered that he could swim well.

You've been spying on me.

A woman is reading a book in the library.

How drunk were you last night?

It happens in Lithuania.


Are you going to be here tomorrow?

The arrow pierced the thick board.

Norman doesn't like swimming in this river. He says it's too polluted.

There were no temples or shrines among us save those of nature.

Mohammad was sympathetic.

He's not quite satisfied.

The pianist's performance of a Haydn sonata threw the woman into a rapture bordering on frenzy.

Bring a lunch.

The spiral is one of the most common geometrical forms in nature.

Have you ever given a speech in French?

This seat has a clear view of the stage.

I wish Roberto well.

We got off to a bad start.

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I'd like Turkeer to be happy.


Nature and books belong to the eyes that see them.


Antonio isn't a Japanese citizen.

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He said that he had met her, which was a lie.

Those two departments are sometimes at odds with each other.

The Polish cavalry troops charged bravely towards the German tanks.

In the first place, you all have to pay a debt first.

It is said that adolescent friendships do not often last.

How much money does he have?

Japan's ODA largely consists of concessionary yen credit repayable in 30 years, carrying an interest rate of 2% or so.


A young girl is chased by an old man.


You're better off without me.

Seems like there are too many Turkish trolls on Tatoeba.

There were hidden cameras everywhere.

So, what else is new?

You'll like it, believe me.

Huashi awoke from a deep sleep.

Take whatever time you need, Yoshida.

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Denis and Kazuhiro bought a handmade rug.

I'll go this way.

She turned her head away lest he see her tears.


I hope Dion comes as well.

We have to take that chance.

I viewed the picture at a distance.

On the way to London Mr Higgins told Tammy and Susie many interesting things.

Let's go out for dinner tonight.

The key to the so-called mastery of any language is bringing the words and grammar to life through context.

The concept of God is a fantasy, created to placate our ignorance about our own existence.


She wondered whether she should let him go or not.


The price is good.


Believe it or not, I'm not sarcastic this time.

We haven't seen each other since then.

He plays the guitar well.

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Saudi women are not permitted to leave their country alone.

I'll tell my mom on you!

I take five kinds of magazines every month.

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I want you to try this.


I talked to Sri the other day.

Donald certainly plays the harpsichord well.

I was amused at the story.

You need a joystick.

Don't you think it's really hard?


We all would be better today.

I'm going to get my own way this time.

I would like to have breakfast.

We walked through the mall, looking for a shoe store.

I was the first to sign up.

She is possessed by a devil.

I would like to confirm the following for our meeting at our office on February 27.

There is no way to open this door.

While you're busy looking for the perfect person, you may have missed the imperfect person who could make you perfectly happy.

It does seem like an excellent plan.

That was very clever.


When I am at home, I like to look at the mountains through the window.

I knew you'd find him.

My view is different from his as to what should be done.

He's kicking me!

Where do you want to go and spend your vacation?

I guess I'm wasting my time trying to convince Masanobu to help us.

They couldn't help being surprised at the news.

It rained heavily yesterday.

He went through many hardships in his youth.

The woman who he thought was his aunt was a stranger.

We have seen no one.

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The thieves made off in a waiting car.

Why don't you ask Alf to go with you?

When we remember that we are all mad, the mysteries disappear and life stands explained.

I played with friends.

How do you suggest we deal with this?

He said he was already more than fifty years old, fifty five, to be precise.

Teresa never smiles.

I became less and less interested in mathematics.

It will get dark earlier this evening, as it is raining.


Should I ask someone else?

Saiid wished he hadn't gone to the party.

We must consider the question of whether we can afford such huge sums for armaments.

I think that's highly unlikely.

Make good friends and read good books in youth.


Lievaart first met Pratap at a cafe in Boston.

You have to tell him.

Let's go and talk to Old.


Machine translations improved a lot.


I want to buy my girlfriend a present.

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I just want to visit Patrick.

I'm just glad Judy is back.

I'm pretty sure Jayant's happy in Boston.


Do you like haggling?

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He had his wallet stolen.

When in doubt, leave it out.

You won't make it, not even in your dreams.

I'd like you to take another look at this.

I'll get you the info you need by next week.

Did you notify Tran?

Bob helped me.


You will derive much pleasure from reading.

I cannot run because I am very tired.

Mike doesn't have to wash his mother's car today.

Whenever they meet, they quarrel.

Weight problem is very sensitive among women.


Five times seven is thirty-five.

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What's my doctor's name?

Cats can see things even when it's dark.

Get the facts first. You can distort them later.

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Unfortunately, increasing the number of traffic signals at intersections didn't help decrease the number of traffic accidents.


She embraced her brother warmly.

We all have one boss, the customer. And she can fire us any time she wants by simply deciding to shop somewhere else.

This is somewhat normal.

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Billy is a top-notch swimmer.


Arne is hiding from them.

Patty would think this was too expensive.

You need to try to relax.

We have been dating for three months.

Are you familiar with that writing style?