I enjoy a full and varied life.

Mr. Sato safely boarded the plane.

We're all in this together now.

Guy runs faster than Ginny.

He ruled his kingdom fairly.

Where's Ralf?

She needed space.

Skiing is my passion.


Jagath and Siping lived in Boston for a while.

I feel uncomfortable in this chair.

Suddenly, a young woman stood up.

If you don't mind, may we inspect your suitcase?

I have a new boyfriend.

It so happened that he was absent from school that day.

He needs time to relax.


My legs are getting numb.

I don't want to live in a big mansion.

Aaron is the strongest.

That isn't the point.

This agreement is binding on all parties.

What's Gilles going to find?

He's looking at you.

There are many hotels in the city's business district.

My age is going to tell on me.

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The house is a mess.

You could come and live with me.

It is surprising that he should have said such things of me.


You didn't tell me Darin speaks French.

That really wasn't easy!

Let's sit at one of the tables near the back.


They look tired.


I studied your religion, but I didn't like it.

It is all over with me. It can't be helped.

I do not mince words.

It's cold out here.

Ufa was built on the orders of Ivan IV (more commonly known as Ivan the Terrible) in 1547.


She doesn't like people who aren't punctual.


Don't worry. He's not my boyfriend. He's just a friend.

He loved her sense of humor.

You shouldn't talk here.

Olivier has a hole in his sock.

He is said to have been very poor when he was young.

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And, without waiting for an answer, she left the apartment, preceded by her friend Adele.

Butler has been extremely cooperative.

Las Vegas was great!

It goes without saying that those who are awake to their own rights must respect those of others.

She whispered something into his ear.


She called her cat Tatoeba.


Give him the $300.

What are you doing in such a cold place?

She's a bit of a rebel.


What direction is east?

"Mayo got a new job." "What kind of job?"

Have you any idea who he is?


I had nothing to do with what happened last night.

Why did you skip school?

A moment's hesitation may cost a pilot his life.

I don't want to hear any more about Marika.

What's that horrible noise?

I don't fancy that idea.

I'm going to my uncle's this week.

Will could talk his way out of quicksand.

Malaclypse said he was retiring.

I'm a little busy here, Miriam.

There is a curious crowd on both sides of the avenue.


Let's not talk about it now.

Pilar really cares about this stuff, doesn't he?

Why are you giving money to the man?

Hey, will you grab me a cookie?

I hope you realize that I'm putting my reputation on the line by helping you.

Pasteur experimented with bacteria.

Stephan was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

It was an emergency.

What's the reason that made you call me?

Talk to them again.

The project was nipped in the bud.

Ning will abhauen.

You bet I'm going.


Her roommate didn't know where she was.

The structure of the house was wrong.

With every broken vow, you bring our ideal closer to destruction.

I didn't know that Charles speaks French.

I never have trouble falling asleep.

I still can't figure out how it happened.

Do you use all this stuff?

Bob went through many dangers during the war.

I bought this dress at a low price.

Shizuko cheated in an examination and received an appropriate punishment.

Yes, someone actually said that.

Nobody worked in my country.

We've located him.

Reading aloud was a great effort to him.

She lost it.

Who will bell the cat?

Saturn devoured his children.

You have no right to stop at this street.

Stuart owes me a favor.

You detest Nigel, don't you?

Have you finished your English homework yet?


We'll get you the help you need.


This matter is very urgent.

Have you told her what to buy?

Real said he was dying.


Hamlet, thou hast thy father much offended.

Betsy works at a supermarket.

Nobody ever helps me.


Stanislaw married young.

Can I have a look at the magazine?

He said nothing as to the time.


That budget isn't yet final.

I told him to stop, but he did it anyway.

I can check that for you.

It has no bearing on this problem.

I never even saw her.


Thankfully she did not die.

We see the same side of the moon at all times.

Can you make out the meaning easily?

Suu is extremely stubborn.

Helping Roberto was a mistake.


You can't help me, can you?

Joyce is in college now.

When air dries, the throat dries, and cough comes out.

I could've done that without your help.

Let's try to be more tolerant.

Why would God allow this to happen?

I wanted some salt, but there was none in the jar.

With skill and perseverance you can achieve any goal.

I like beans.


He messed it up.

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Tell me where to put this.


Let's start focusing on more important matters.


That store sells newspapers and magazines.

I've never been sued before.

It is worthwhile considering what it is that makes people happy.

I failed.

I saw Pratt die.


Let's not get carried away.

Actually this will be my fourth question.

You should never look down on a person merely because he is poor.


Will ten thousand yen do?

Naren is a marketing consultant.

Would you mind mailing this letter for me?

It's nothing serious.

No attention was paid to his warning.

Ambition gives me a nosebleed.

Ask me anything you want to know about Spencer.

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It's a lovely day.

Marshall shouldn't have won the race.

Nothing is decided yet.

They say that Jeffery strangled Clarissa to death.

Put yourself together.

At that time I had a poor income and couldn't live on it.

It wasn't in Vietnam that I learnt Vietnamese.

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What am I?

Our land is being taken over.

Harnessing electricity, said the man with the bongos, is a sinful perversion of the earth's resources.

I think you should wait for them.

It's time for you to leave.

I'm investigating a murder.

Let us know if anyone else comes into the theater.

Barney was very frugal with his money.

Jussi forgot to mention that.

Let's not go crazy!

This is where I was born.

I'm waiting for my mother.

Vladislav loves listening to classical music.


They were rich as well as happy.

We have run short of food.

I doubt that Ginny will ever come back home.