Teachers should give their children the faith that tomorrow will be brighter and happier.


Come see what I got for you.


Lloyd is a hunter.

How does one change his views?

Suddenly she had a brilliant inspiration.

In 1891, Liliuokalani became queen of Hawaii.

He has good eyesight.

That isn't correct.

It's time to make some changes.


The bitter gourd, even if fried in butter and put in sugar, remains bitter nonetheless.

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We're fortunate to have you here.

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Maybe I should have spoken with Bertrand.

He does not like carrots, so he did not eat it.

I met your father last week, so in the last week of June.

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Pratap is outstanding.

She didn't pay her any visit.

What do you want for the second course?


I made an awful mistake in the test.

Shane gets tired quickly.

I have to stop Urs.

If it gets boring, I will go home.

"How many times have you eaten here?" "Many, many times."

I stuck around for a while to see if anyone else would come.

Mat changed his tactics.


We're going to have to confiscate your files.

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There's a fountain in front of the station.

There wasn't enough time to do everything that we needed to do.

You've thwarted my plans for the last time!

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It is new to me.

The joke's on me.

You love him, don't you?

What would you do in a situation like this, Leigh?

I dated him for two years.


She gives him everything he asks for.


She has been a photographer all weekend.

Tell him to stop worrying.

I'm very sorry but it seems I've lost my umbrella.

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All the crew were tired.

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Have you ever thought about that?


Price looks a little uncomfortable.

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I've got some bad news for you.

No, I can't speak English.

Drink plenty of water.

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I did my best to protect him.

What's important isn't which university you've graduated from, but what you learned while you were there.

Hunter told Phill that he didn't have to do anything.

Can you break a 10000 yen bill?

Your suggestion weighed heavily in this decision.


There was bad blood between the two families in "Romeo and Juliet."

Nothing like the natural.

I have a dentist appointment at 2:30.

Did you listen to her new song?

I didn't really want to win.

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Byron wasn't sleepy.


We took a back road to avoid the heavy traffic.

There is an apartment house near my house.

She had her parents' love to herself.

Darin did it a few times.

Empowered, informed citizens are the scourge of any tyrant.

I want to be the boss.

Our debt is more than we can pay.

How do you explain that?

He was sentenced to prison for one year.

Why would anyone kidnap him?

There is no more disagreeable thing than this.

They were kids.

I had a conversation with him.


Mathematics is the language of the universe.

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I have lost my cap.

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Clarence doesn't seem to have much of anything.

What are you doing in a freezing place like this?

Come on, give me a kiss.

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They came up with a plan after a long discussion.

We'll let you know if we find it.

Everyone in the room recognized Naoto.

Edwin gloated.

I'm old enough to drive.

We make a good team.

I love shopping!

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I have other things I want to do.

Have you ever been to the end of the world?

I'll let you go.


It was me who was supposed to do this.

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Nikolai knows something.

I'll do anything for you.

Democracy exists where there is nobody so rich to buy another and nobody so poor to be supplied.

The inmate was doing time for a burglary conviction.

Cathrin pushed Leif away.


Do you have an extra English dictionary by any chance?

She has a genius for acting.

This chocolate is very sweet and tasty.

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Word up, breda. Long time no see. Whatchu been up to?


Our car was fast and soon got ahead of the other cars.

I respect your views.

Avery travels the world looking for adventure.

Sleeping on a problem solves it as easily as pouring oil on troubled waters.

That's a great suggestion.

Roxie went back into the kitchen.

You've got to be kidding me!

After being proven innocent, the killer cucumber went into a well deserved retirement in Spain.

That's something you'll regret.

I'm so sorry that Paul Walker died in a car crash.

I knew that it was better for me to say nothing.

Tiefenthal doesn't know what he's saying.

Seth is an enterprising young man.

Kory walked right into Toft's trap.

I figured Sandy needed help.

Knudsen might know Deirdre's phone number.

I told them the truth.


I really liked this article.

As is often the case with young men, he does not pay much attention to his health.

He has a lot of difficulty seeing without his glasses.


Claude is a total idiot.

Maybe Francisco can help us figure out how to solve this problem.

I tried to get hold of you.


I met a lot of interesting people at the party last night.

You could buy all of those things if you really want them.

Please give us some examples.


The crowd threw rocks at the mayor and didn't let him finish his speech.

My children rely on me.

The fact is that I can't swim.

She is in her second year at university.

Don't be worried.

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Dawn slid the envelope full of money across the table to Jacques.


Everyone is confused.


He sometimes drops in on me.

She feeds her dog the same thing that she eats.

She finished her errand and returned home.

I think Myrick went to Harvard.

Matthieu claims that you stole the pearls from her.

Can I have another sandwich?

A good yoga session can limber you up like nothing else.


Swimming is one thing I enjoy.

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All you have to do is talk.

Leave this sheet blank.

Cris is a jedi.


After we walked for a while, we got to the lake.


A greenhouse stays warmer than the air outside. Instead of cooling off at night, it traps some of the heat inside to keep the plants warm.

Being a science student, one naturally thinks quickly, so the student snapped up and replied.

It meant a lot to me.

I am still trying to find out what I want to do.

I can't wait to see you guys again in March.

The procedure must be executed correctly and completely.

How do you know they came here?

I can see him.

I don't like this tie. Show me a better one.

This street is dark.

A tall building was built next to my house.

He took the lead in fighting pollution.

You'd like Wade.

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She's slier than he is.


My family are all very well.

They are great friends.

How perceptive!

Sherri wasn't here on that particular day.

Make a copy of your passport and leave the original in a safe at your hotel.