The man thought he could influence the outcome of the match.

Will you pray for me to be happy?

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I should've given you this sooner.

When you apologize, you lay the foundation for a future offense.

The boat was seen to draw apart from the others.

This program is going to focus on computer hacking issues today.

I am harvesting rye.


Pilot didn't tell me this.

I retire in four years time.

How did Ian's hearing go?

Her name is Earnie.

Russ is the one who told me that Johann didn't like me.

I warned Root to stay away from Dewey.

I'm going to lie down.

They're just for you.

Bernie made a reservation at a Japanese restaurant for Valentine's day.


Don't you think it's a good idea?

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Some people are afraid of spiders.

Being at the beach is wonderful! The kids are playing with a beach ball in the shallow water and I'm lying lazily on a deck chair sipping a cocktail.

Mind you don't fall off the ladder.


That lady appears rich.


What if every day were Saturday?

The man tries the coffee.

War affects us all.


I feel abashed at my mistake.

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Hurf obviously wasn't happy.

He held the trophy on high.

I am a very sad man.

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Does Konstantinos earn enough money to live in the city?


Darrell is inexperienced and makes extreme statements.

It looks like you are from India.

She pushed the door shut.

He was thinking of these three young men, his oldest playmates, with whom he had once played cops and robbers.

She began to like him right away.

Do you think they'll be back for me?

Tonight there is a performance of a known Cabaret artist.

The media are not reporting these stories.

I've already returned the books to the library.

Kyu is single.

Now and then, I looked up at the sky.


You have to reply to the letter.

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Tell me what you want to do.

I think you should leave Julius alone.

How long have you been in Boston?


We want Vern to be successful.

Is it possible Noam didn't know?

Why don't I pay Joanne a visit?

Earthquakes are very common in New Zealand, with up to 14,000 being recorded each year, of which less than 200 are actually felt.

There is nothing more permanent than the temporary.

I didn't get the point of his speech.

Why was I invited?

Children know what happens between their parents.

Casey rewrote his report.

Before, young ones used to ask me to draw them a sheep, now they want me to teach them how to make a commit. Times, they are a-changin'.

The bus stopped and Srivatsan got off.

I'd suggest that you don't do that.

I don't think Jackye would be welcomed.

You ask questions, that are unanswerable.

I've ruined everything.

Those imps must be stopped.

He's currently in prison for tax fraud.

I had no chance to escape.

The long walk gave him a good appetite.

Hayakawa, the midterm results are out. You're top again!

Seeing that he is still sick, he is unlikely to come today.

Oskar grows tomatoes and lettuce in his garden.

When I give the word, start the machine.


To our surprise, Hans came to our party with Pablo.

We don't like her.

Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.


He was too young to live alone.


So what's the good news?

I like to go swimming in the sea.

Dale will kill me.

He bothered me for money.

You're too tall.

I want to hear about it.

She resembles her father in character.

No details were immediately available.

Ken was at a loss what to say next.

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She looked as if she had been ill.

What street do you live on?

He tried climbing the distant mountain.


Reid's classmates are goofing off.

You sound terribly overworked.

I'm sorry.

Had it not been for your courage, you would have been killed.

Have you googled Edith?


It's not really my cup of tea.


The ground is spongy.

I have a few questions for you.

He's studying Chinese.

Could you write that down, please?

I was going to call Billy back today.


You will regret this!

He and I want to dance a lot and go for a walk.

I'm a little worried about you.

This is a good spot.

The was a fellow student of mine at school.

Taro had to eat dirt and resigned.

They're not prisoners.

What a lonely world it will be with you away!

Do you think I want this?

I'm going there even if you don't go.

That was a great party.

Let's meet this afternoon.

Ancient customs are dying out quickly today.

Do you think that he will pass the examination?

This rug has a nice pattern.


We stayed at an economy hotel.

After all she did not come.

Why haven't you done your homework?

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Suzanne locked the door and put the key into his pocket.

How long will it take to you?

Unfortunately, the hotel that you suggested was completely booked up.


I am ready to help you.


My mother's illness prevented me from attending the meeting.

I felt the earth shake.

The fact still remains to be known.


The envious die, but envy never does.

She has read War and Peace 15 times.

Knapper has a chip on his shoulder.

She has a point.

My cat died yesterday.

Do you know where William keeps the aspirin?

If I choose the gallows instead of the poison, I'll suffer for a shorter amount of time before dying.


The police arrested us.


Time to die.

For here, please.

She was an actress and was treated as such.

You need to take these pills.

Do a composition exercise, please.

He said, "nobody knows how to read" and somebody answered him, "you're wrong, I don't know how to read." That somebody's name was Nobody.

I think it's a good idea and we should do as Werner suggests.

Roads emerge because we walk them.

Don't speak ill of him in public.

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I think Triantaphyllos and Betsy are dating.

Being knowledgeable about Japanese culture is a good thing.

I thought I'd take an extra suitcase this time.

If I were you, I wouldn't do this.

To be honest with you, Michel is an unfaithful husband.

Who wants to find pearls, has to dive deep.

She was kind enough to take me to the hospital.


We'd better wait until tomorrow.

They hate each other from the bottoms of their hearts.

I'm going to go make dinner.

I'm sick of your complaints.

We didn't know how to do it, so we asked for help.

Ken wondered what it would be like not to be blind.

When does the game start?

China has to move from an assembly-copying-manufacturing economy to a knowledge-services-innovation economy.

Let's stroll around the bazaar!

We have tons of money.

Go ahead and do it.

Irving is almost as old as my father.

Her husband is rich.


What effects would planetary alignment have?

I remember the letter.

We will have lived here for a year next March.

I thought you said Sandy was a jerk.

Marlena said she would bring a potato bake and some wine to the dinner.

I have read every book on the shelf.

I've got something I'd like to say to you.

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I don't know what's going on.

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What do you think Pontus will say when he finds out about this?


I am the biggest loser in the world.