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On most Fridays during our daughter’s kindergarten year, the kids would meet up with their book buddies – students from a 4th grade class who came into the classroom and helped the kindies read and complete themed craft projects.  Our daughter would just gush over her book buddy, also named Sophia, and would point her out to me in the hallway whenever she saw her.  About halfway through the year, I had our daughter, S, find out what some of her book buddy’s favorites were – colors, animals, etc.  She reported back that Sophia loved sloths and the the color teal.  Shortly after, I found some cute sloth fabric at my local craft store, and got the idea to make a zippered pencil bag for Sophia.  There was a little turquoise color in the print, so I picked out a matching zipper and gray fabric for the lining.



One of my best friends is just now watching (read: bingeing) Game of Thrones, and she’s expressed how the Mother of Dragons is her favorite character. My husband and I are also big fans of the show, and both our kids love dragons, so me owning these dragon stamps was bound to happen. I literally had an alarm set on my phone and placed my order within 10 minutes of Mama Elephant’s release going live.

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Holiday Cards

Happy holidays!! Despite the daily count downs to Christmas provided by my kids, I cannot believe that it’s almost the end of the year. I managed to get our cards in the mail just this week, so hopefully they will all arrive before the holiday. And now that the cards have been sent off, can I just say WOW. Was my last post really way back in July?? Even though I haven’t been posting, I swear I’ve been crafting like crazy. Hopefully soon I will get around to posting everything that I’ve made in the past 5 months.  I mean, the kids started school in August – kindergarten & 2nd year of preschool, yet somehow having them in school each morning seems to have left me with less time than before.

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shaft eye

My husband and I just celebrated our 9th anniversary yesterday – crazy to think that we’ve been together for 15 years, married for 9!! I always try to be a little crafty (or find hand-crafted things) when it comes to anniversary gifts, if time and talents allow. A quick Google search revealed that the traditional gifts for the 9th anniversary are pottery and willow, but that the modern gift is leather. Well, thank goodness for that since I don’t know how to do pottery (although I’d love to learn someday), and we don’t have a weeping willow tree to carve our initials into (although that was my favorite tree growing up). 

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Bridal Shower Favor Bags

This is just a quick post showing some favor bags and tags that I put together for my friend Jennifer’s bridal shower. I used Lawn Fawn’s Goodie Bag to die cut the bags from some dark blue paper sized 12×12, which allowed me to get 4 die cuts (two completed bags) from each sheet. After die cutting all the bag pieces, I folded the bags at each score line and pressed well with my bone folder. I then opened up half of the bag pieces, to be the front of the bags, and began to decorate them. 

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I made this card for one of my closest friends who is celebrating her birthday today. Happy birthday, Kristen!! I’ve seen videos where Nichol Spohr makes shakers and uses the same panel as both the shaker border and the background, so I decided to give it a try with this one.

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