I love him, but he's in love with another girl.

Vance hates Jerrie as much as she hates him.

You've got to stop this now.

Could you please call and give Geoffrey my apologies?

He can speak both English and French.

Be more precise.


Diana loves challenges.

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His mother was a singer.

Melinda is a creative guy.

May I put it down here?

For her, work and family were synonymous.

My wishes for your father's rapid recovery.

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Tell Sharan to do what needs to be done.

Konstantinos, are you filming?

Let's wait here till he comes back.

It's clear Sandip doesn't want to deal with it at this time.

What have you concluded?


Juha and Rathnakumar aren't quite sure what to make of this.

He fell in love with her at first sight.

I'm sure you're not going to like this.

I think I can get them to help.

Ira is far too pessimistic.


The cancer had spread to several organs.

It's just after midnight in Boston.

You know I love you both.

I'll tell Vistlik you helped out.

He who hesitates is lost.

Annard was unable to contact the coast guard.

What dangers do we face?

Maria doesn't understand that.

Fletcher could see it plainly.

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The farmers had brought five oxen and nine cows and twelve little sheep to the village; they wanted to sell them.

Til when?

She squinted.

I said leave him alone.

What's the minimum salary in Ukraine?

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Mara didn't let fear stop him.


We'll contact him.

There is a leak in the roof.

The whole world hungers for peace.

I came across him on the train.

Please give me a piece of bread.

What did they replace?

Lex and I'll both be there.


He is the more capable of the two boys.


Will you look after the children?


You don't need to say anything.

Complete agreement between theory and practice is a rare case.

To point out the flaws of others while forgetting one's own is ignorance itself.


Patrick spent all his time working.

Dad made us walk back through the bush on the way home!

How desperate are you?


That American professor knows a good deal about Kyoto.

I feel so lonely sometimes.

We don't have any chance of winning.

Hirofumi is showing a great deal of concern over her husband's long absence.

That happens often, so don't worry about it.

I'm not really your friend. I was just pretending.

He was a good worker, say what you will.


She went so far as to say that he was a swindler.

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I like dogs more than cats.

He was unsteady on his feet.

The snow is very deep here in our town in January.

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Are you spending Thanksgiving with Vaughn?

Graeme can reel off the names of the capitals of all European countries.

"Superman" is showing at the movie theater this month.


The scars are barely visible.

He seized the boy by the arm.

It's just a coincidence.

The local government closed all bars and saloons.

She's insecure and has low self esteem.

I wonder how I'll pay the rent this month.

Rainer has been waiting to see what will happen.

Anna and Bernie had a wonderful time together.

I will give you ten minutes to work out this problem.


A watch was given to me by her.

She attends school at night.

They can make the same product much more cheaply.

He commutes from Yokohama to Tokyo by train.

I have to stay at a hotel near the airport tonight.

I didn't mean to usurp anybody.

What countries border on Slovenia?

There's too much garlic.

Are you ready for a creative challenge?

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Recently, the increasing diversity of computer use has extended far beyond the realms of the office.


The tip of the knife blade is sharp.

I have just received a letter from a friend saying that she is coming to see me next week.

That's like carrying coals to Newcastle.

I have no good way to tell you, that a terrible tragedy, which will affect the entire course of our future lives, has occurred about a half an hour ago in the southern part of road no. 4.

Every great writer seems to have been interested in English.


How much rent do you pay?


I just did what she told me to do.

Sriram is almost as old as Mohammad is.

A trip to Hokkaido is not a trip to Hokkaido unless you try the seafood.


We could've done more.


Do you really think I had something to do with that?

I know no one here.

I care about Kory.

We must respect Ernest's decision.

Do you recognize that man?

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I said let Teresa go.

Many people think that being an actor is simply memorizing lines.

Joel squeezed this orange juice himself.


Common sense tells us, however, that there is no easy solution.

I waited for my case to come off the plane and appear on the carousel

You may talk as much as you like.

You should give them some space.

You shouldn't have written that.

You're Pontus's parents, aren't you?

Joachim and I are both very happy.

He did nothing bad.

I meant to look it up.


What's your favorite thing to do in your free time?

Rodger is trying to hide something.

He has a fancy for chocolate.

It's not time to be kicking up a fuss.

I don't want to throw that away.

I have been listening to the same Icelandic song for hours, and even though I can only understand four or five words, I would really like to be able to sing it.

The Queen made an address to the nation on television yesterday.


Who is this Naim?

Are you chapulling?

Could I have it?

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Kimberly likes soft drinks.

Haumea was first discovered in 2004.

He is very taken up with building model airplanes.

If you eat that much, you'll get sick.

And soon your luck will turn for the better.

Franklin told Erick that he'd gone to the beach that weekend.

They have failed.

We need to find out who did this.

Can these stars be seen in Australia?

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Can you suggest anyone for the job?


We'll lose everything.

Lex couldn't take it any longer.

That doesn't please me at all.

She spoke as though nothing had happened.

He's in danger.

The crops were badly damaged by the storm.

I care about Lindsey.

This area is extremely isolated.

I'm a beginner in Esperanto.

The rain lasted four days.

You need to buy him a present.

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Don't touch the pot with bare hands.


What will become of us if a war breaks out?

Keith broke into Vilhelm's house and stole her pearl necklace.

Dan was apparently murdered in his bed.

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Sherman says he needs time alone.


Which side of the plate is the spoon supposed to be on?

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I just have one question for you.


It may save your marriage.

Calvin has some serious psychological issues.

Mr Crouch, what do you do?

He wants to sell his old car to a man in Kobe.

They started fighting.

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I needed to eat.

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"I am the State!" said the king.

Giant tortoises were decimated by pirates in the 18th and 19th century.

I wish she would say something to me, so that I can know whether we're still friends.


I don't want them to see this.