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Dental crowns can be placed in the spot where a tooth is missing but the root is still there. When you have an infected tooth pulp, we will remove that infection and fill your tooth with a special substance that cannot get infected. Root planing and scaling are ways to get rid of dental plaque both above and below the gum line. Coming to a cosmetic dentist to have broken teeth fixed is a good idea. Calculus is hardened plaque that penetrates below the gum line and causes your gums to separate from your teeth.

A snap on smile is a fake smile that is worn over the top of your own teeth but is made to look like perfectly aligned teeth. Rotting teeth will need to be pulled so the bacteria does not spread throughout your body. Gum disease is reversible if it is caught early enough by simply brushing and flossing a little extra every day. TMD is a group of conditions that affect the muscles of your jaw as well as the joint. Most dentists today have new equipment that will make your dental visit less painful and less stressful.

A dental laser can be used to reshape the bone and the gum tissue to give a stronger foundation to your teeth. Having a root canal treatment is much less painful than the pain from the infection in your tooth. Even a qualified dentist may not be highly skilled in all of the different types of cosmetic dentistry procedures. If you have healthy teeth and gums, you will have a healthier body. If a tooth is cracked from the tip to the root, you may be in some serious pain and need that tooth to come out.