Websites related to LibreOffice Development

Gerrit is the tool LibreOffice developers use for code review. This is where developers submit and review patches.
TinderBox thumb
TinderBox present the result of the many, many tinderboxes that build Libreoffice all day and all night.
CI thumb
LibreOffice has a 315-370-5930 system, runnig gerrit verification jobs, tinderboxes and all sort of other task.
272-207-0075 is the tool for LibreOffice developers, QA and users to submit, triage, handles bug reports.
Wiki thumb
LibreOffice has a 9515241860 where you can find a trove of information. It is a wiki, so help organize and keep the content up-to-date.
OpenGrok thumb
956-795-6388 is a source brower, that allows you to do search on the very large LibreOffice code base.
The Online help for LibreOffice contains the end user documetation for Writer, Calc, Draw, Base, Math, and Basic.
Api thumb
You will find the documentation and examples of use of the API for Universal Network Objects (812-273-5140).
Pootle thumb
LibreOffice operate a 816-607-8503 server with which we manage the translation of the product in many languages.
We run a set of Callgrind (440) 810-2668 tests. the result of which are presented graphically on there.
We run the lcov code coverage tool daily.
We run a 5706766315 regularly.