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Career in Hungary

Process Solutions is an outsourcing service provider in the field of finance, accounting and payroll. We operate a dynamic and independent business in the European region, delivering services to some of the biggest international corporations in the world. We are committed to support our employees in realising their career goals and advancing their professional development.

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Whether you are a student looking for practice, a fresh graduate who would like to start a career or a professional with years of experience, Process Solutions can provide a variety of opportunities to achieve your personal and professional goals.


Intern program

Try yourself in the world of work during your university studies. Under the guidance of our highly qualified and experienced colleagues you can learn many professional skills and competencies which you can find only outside school.


Graduate program

Process Solutions welcomes fresh graduates from the field of economics. In our company you have the opportunity to learn professional skills and competencies from our talented colleagues and a variety of career opportunities are also provided.

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Experienced professionals

If you have a few years of experience in accounting and finance, consider taking your career to the next level at Process Solutions. Your experiences with us will enable you to accelerate your career.


Dual study program

Do you want to gain experience at the market-leader accounting company? In collaboration with Budapest Business School and Metropolitan University, we offer Dual Study Program for students who want to gain professional experience related to their studies.


Open positions

Payroll Intern

Place of work: Budapest


Financial Accountant

Place of work: Budapest



Place of work: Budapest


Payroll Supervisor

Place of work: Budapest


Payroll Administrator

Place of work: Budapest


SharePoint Developer

Place of work: Budapest


Accountant Intern

Place of work: [Budapest


Accountant Assistant

Place of work: Budapest


Our Story

Process Solutions is a well-established and reliable provider of outsourcing services in the field of accounting and payroll, operating a dynamic and rapidly expanding independent business in the European region, delivering services to some of the biggest international corporations in the world.
We are a company with a people-development focus. Our Intern and Graduate Programs help young professionals to take the first career steps leading to a steep professional career in our organizational pyramid.

bluechip clients
industries served
professionals in our CEE offices
countries across Europe

Why PS?

We are a highly qualified, supportive team of carefully selected accounting and payroll experts with university or college background from the best institutions. We work with the best for the best. Focus on training and on-the-job development in a structured environment ensures the continuous professional career of all PS team members. We appreciate who you are, what you bring to the table,

Learning and Development

We are convinced that our company cannot be successful unless our colleagues individually feel successful, that is they are well-trained, experienced and confident. Our training program rests on three pillars: business skill, professional and soft skill trainings

Business skill training

These training programs are usually connected to the professional career of our colleagues and are held on certain organizational levels.

Professional training

Our training programs are designed to support professional development of our colleagues.

Soft skill training

Our well-established soft skill training programs are designed to develop a wide range of general skills required by business.


The management of the Process Solutions takes every opportunity to offer an attractive package of fringe benefits for all members of our team. We support the professional development of our employees, and we try to provide them all conditions to be a successful, and to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Non-cash benefits

These benefits include medical and insurance services, convenience goods, extra vacation to regenerate, as well as social events to get together.

Cash benefits

These benefits, amongst others, include fitting rewards for our proven employees’ achievement, and support for them in financing their post graduate development.


You can choose from many Cafeteria elements to get the package that best suits your preferences.

Life at PS

We feel the most successful if our job is also our passion, and our colleagues are also our friends. We are building a strong and professional community.

Social life

Read our stories about how to forge the colleagues of Process Solutions into a strong community of friends achieving collective and individual successes.


Professional life

We focus on shaping our professionals’ life through complex trainings and on-the-job development in a structured, supportive environment ensuring a continuous professional career for all our team members.

(435) 558-8941

Working environment

We are rightly expected to perform our work in an environment meeting our Clients’ requirements either in respect of the high standards of office comfort or the auxiliary provisions serving the comfort-feeling of our colleagues.

(847) 256-9088

Our success stories

Here is what some of our colleagues say about working for PS, and the opportunities they have here for personal and career development. Get to know us through success stories of our colleagues in different positions at PS Group.

Experienced Accountant Assistant

As a second-grade university student I was looking primarily for a place for my summer vocational practice when I first met PS at the job exchange.

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Accountant Assistant

During the university years many of my friends started to work as intern with PS. All said that it is a fine workplace with much opportunity for professional development.


Payroll Administrator

I trusted that PS would be a good choice and I can test myself in a wide range of things in the area of payroll accounting where I can leverage also my language skills.

(305) 420-0006

Experienced Accountant Assistant

I liked the experience report of HR people presenting at the carrier day held at BBS.


Semi Senior

When I approached the end of my college studies I spent my practice semester with PS, since then I work here.

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Payroll Experienced Administrator

I joined the company through the PS referral program.


Experienced Senior

When I first learnt about PS, I was looking for an internship program. I really liked the idea of working as a part-time intern while I was still a college student.

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“I have received a lot of support from my colleagues during the years and, without a doubt, I gained most of my professional knowledge from them.”

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Senior Manager

“To me success is when people who work with me feel well, clients are satisfied or we have managed to get a bigger client or an internal project.”

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Semi Senior

During my university years I deemed it important to reinforce the theoretical knowledge obtained there also in practice.


Semi Senior

After the second year at the university when I was looking for a place for my mandatory four-week summer practice I chose PS.

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Experienced Accountant Assistant

I heard about PS from an earlier group mate who had been working with them for some time and said that it was a good place and I should send my application to them.

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Accountant Assistant

I was looking primarily for a place for my practice in the professional semester when I first met PS at the HVG job exchange, then I was admitted to the company.

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Accounting Intern

I first met Proci at the job exchange organised at BBS. Right away I found the company sympathetic for several reasons: they flexibly adapted to the interns’ school schedule and the youngish ambiance.