Ah, bummer!

Rebecca is doing his homework now.

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When Edmond got home, there was an envelope taped to his front door.

Lynne promised me that he wouldn't tell anybody.

I am fourteen years old.

I sent Howard flowers on Valentine's Day.

We'll be here all week.

Vishal bit his lip.

Tomorrow's laundry day.

I really don't want to miss that.

Horst didn't expect Mahesh to react like she did.

You're the only one I can trust.

I have not spoken to our new neighbors; I simply know them by sight.


There has to be a way to solve this.

Please take care of my peacocks.

I hope to continue to see more of the world.

There has to be more to the story than that.

The cow supplies us with milk.

What crap! Your arrogant comments aren't just useless but also boring.

It'll be three months before our house is finished.

I saw Moe standing there all by himself.

Astronomy is perhaps the science whose discoveries owe least to chance, in which human understanding appears in its whole magnitude, and through which man can best learn how small he is.


She reached out for the magazine on the shelf.

They begin beating Emmett.

We don't want her to go.


Michael needs to get fit over the summer.


You need to make a real change.

What are some things you are passionate about?

He hit three home runs, scoring eight runs.

Many people visit the beautiful towns of Italy.

"Will he succeed?" "I fear not."

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I want to keep a cat instead of a dog.


I don't even know who she is.


You know I hate meetings.

Use your best judgment.

We saw many ships in the harbor.

Why would they lie?

I think food is expensive in Japan.

Linda is fixing her hair.

Price slipped on ice and broke his hip last winter.

No money, no job, no friends. He was truly at loose ends.

You're really very good.

I can't go anywhere else.

We held a pleasant conversation with the old man.


This disturbs you, doesn't it?

I heard you got married.

He is a tall boy for his years.

You know her.

My hobby is to collect beautiful butterflies.

I have friends there who'll help me.

Suzanne is in his room sleeping.

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Malaclypse is late.


I'm worried about the baby.

What bands do you like?

I'll teach you how to play chess.

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Is Rainer missing?

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It's not worth the money.

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I think they very likely won't help you.

We talked over a cup of coffee.

Please don't tell Shyam about what happened.

She was even more surprised when she heard Miss Baker say, "Excuse me, but may I change places with you?"

Takeuchi dropped out of the race when he fell off his bike.

What would you like Ellen to do?

We know that he was playing like a cat with a mouse.


What's that noise I can hear in the background?

Earnie and Pravin sat on the sofa together watching TV.

Old people in supermarkets piss me off.

Did Jagath really hit Jennie?

I do want to be remembered.

Jeannie checked the rearview mirror.

I wouldn't be so optimistic if I were in your position.

Let's get to work!

I admire your tenacity.


You're too late for that.

The truth is I don't like them.

We don't know exactly where Joseph is.

There are no two words with the same meaning.

You are invited to take part in the community work days at the place of your residence and work.

I'm trying to get a tan.

That was really fun.

You're doing all you can.

Tracy asked me if I liked basketball.

If she knew your address, she would write to you.

It's all coming back.


Barry won first prize in the speech contest.

Toerless has been sending flowers to Tharen.

What's that awful smell?

Totem poles consist of a group of figures that represent animals, birds, fish, mythological beings and supernatural beasts.

I only kissed her once.

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A liter of milk and a dozen eggs, please.


We can go to the show on Friday.

Should I talk to her?

From this we can derive the argument that major population shifts are not the result of economic change.

Loren shouldn't have dropped out of high school.

Can you keep your mouth shut?

Many events happen in convents.

Let's find out what we should be doing.

This is too heavy a box for me to carry.

His heart ached when he saw his son's miserable state.

How important can it be?

I can't tell Carlos I spoke to Mariou.

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You must first have a lot of patience to learn to have patience.

That's exactly what I used to tell myself.

The tree throws a shadow on the grass.

What you are saying can't be faulted.

Let me get it for you.


I'll never forgive myself if anything's happened to Marcia.

I'm traveling alone.

Round trip or one-way?

We will discuss that later.

You're doing it now.

Isn't Vassos marvelous?

Dogs dogs bite, bite.

Please tell me it's not true.

We've got problems, Luc.

The activity of the left brain increases, as I sit in the pizza parlour.

It could have been worse.

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It went viral.


It was a real pleasure to meet Mick.

I don't think Hank would do this.

My roommate is in Mexico. You should come over.


He's cute and funny.


Do as you were told to do.

We're playing in the garden.

Sabrina used to walk to work.

I told my baby that she was very wonderful.

Do you accept traveler's checks?

Can you come home now?

She has located Sho.

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Color television! Bah, I won't believe it until I see it in black and white.


You don't have a fever.

Can we stop fighting?

How will you get home?

Try and look busy.

Chris is very attractive and wealthy, but not very modest.


It's impossible for me to believe what you are saying.

Is this a duty-free shop?

I would rather die than live in disgrace.

You still don't trust me, do you?

As soon as you have the car fixed, please send me a letter with the cost. I'll send you the money.

Aaron killed Elizabeth.

I told you to keep your mouth shut.

I think that Pratapwant is crazy.

He writes a letter once in a while but not so often.

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We don't have enough beer.

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You can go there if you want to.

Carolyn wants to see us.

I like all my classes.

Where did you buy that shirt?

I'd better go see what Barbara has done.


Judges don't have to shoot from the hip. They have the leisure to think, to decide.


Liber did it, didn't he?

They give good service at that restaurant.

It's even chances that he will get well.

Her car overtook ours.

This project grew out of a sketch I made on a napkin at a party last year.

The news soon spread that he was on his way.

I have brought my shoes, coat and umbrella.

I don't give a damn what people think about me.

You should think about it first.

"Have a great weekend!" "Same to you!"

Did you touch anything?

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How is your business going?

The building is built of marble of a most lovely color.

We study according to the schedule.

Luke needs to get a haircut.

When the sun of culture hangs low, even dwarfs will cast long shadows.