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Vernon and District Immigrant and Community Services Society

Since 1989, VDICSS has offered many services for newcomers, immigrants, refugees, and naturalised citizens, helping with settlement and integration into Vernon. We offer services in multiple languages, and referrals can be made to connect newcomers to community services. VDICSS's staff provide information on the process of accreditation of diplomas and degrees, coaching for certificates and licenses as well as translation and interpretation. Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada (LINC) classes, Community Connections tutoring and Conversation groups and Employment Service programs are available.

Settlement Assistance Services

Provides orientation, language training and needs assessment to clients.'More information'

Language Instruction for Newcomers

Enrolling in classes will help with communication needs; learning about Canadian laws, health care, society, job market, and many other things that are important for life in Canada. 'More information'

Community Connections Tutoring

Vernon and District Immigrant Services offers Volunteer Tutors for one on one tutoring as well as Conversation Groups. 724-876-5147

WorkBC Employment Services

WorkBC counsellors will provide individual labour market, employment information and job search techniques. 'More information'

Our Vision

A vibrant community that welcomes our clients and provides excellent opportunities for them to contribute to a society in a way that appreciates the value of cultural and ethnic diversity.

Our Values

We believe that everybody can make a unique and positive contribution to our society
We recognize that participation is a two-way street in which our clients and the wider community gain the most through positive and frequent exchanges
We will partner with other organizations which share our values in order to broaden our network, share capacities, and create greater opportunities for clients
We will provide excellent service to our clients
We will be ethical and honest
We will be socially and environmentally responsible
We will be respectful of culture and ethnicity



To assist in orientation and settlement of Immigrants and Newcomers to Canada.
To recognize and provide unmet needs of Immigrants in the Community.
To encourage an attitude in the community of cross-cultural awareness and understanding.
To encourage and assist Immigrants to participate in Canadian Society.
To provide a reception and information center for social, cultural and educational interactions.
To assist in employment readiness through access of existing programs and creation of new programs.
To encourage and help them obtain Canadian Citizenship.
To refer Newcomers and Canadian Citizens to other community organizations and agencies.

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