Where should we pitch our tent?

Give me three minutes.

Ian's dying for that apple.

He asked her if she knew him.

Yesterday, a thief entered the house.

I don't want them to get angry.

Mario is trying to figure things out.

Sometimes in the afternoon I get a headache and I feel nauseous.

What're we up to now?


If she should come late, give her this message.

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Brendan motioned Jim to stay.

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I borrowed Bernie's car.

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As suggested, I'll call her.

Everyone loves winners.

The only reason to be a human being, is to be.


That is my seat.


The bus came to an abrupt stop.

I'm calling him back.

Wake not a sleeping lion.


If you will excuse me for a few minutes, I'd like to make a call.


Plastic outwitted Sigurd.

Ravindranath asked Serdar how to say "thank you" in French.

We don't want them back.

Please let me talk to him.

I have a friend who went to school with Sho.

I'd rather not discuss her.

I'm looking forward to your Halloween party.

I'll write to them again.

We have to take it one step at a time.

You could drive home by yourself.

It rains so often in the wet season that it's hard to plan outings.

They're all high school students.

Boseman is an old trapper.


They're the same age.


This is a road map.

Christophe is gregarious.

Miriam would have sacrificed his life in vain.

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Do you really want to spend the rest of your life in prison?

That house is haunted.

Even if there is life in other galaxies, it is impossible for man to travel at the speed of light to study them.

Tolerant looked very upset.

This sentence has to be deleted.

I'm interested in music.

The food industry in China is so downright criminal, that city slickers become part-time farmers.

Theo ate a handful of raisins.

Izumi said that he needed my help.

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We go back to Boston next week.

He's renting the room.

Don't tell me Murthy didn't tell you.

The general situation is advantageous to us.

It's not likely but possible.

You should try to form the habit of using your dictionaries.

He quickly read through the abstracts to find the paper he was looking for.

I forgot to bring my umbrella with me.

Now what is it?!

My watch is gold-plated.

Maybe you won't believe me.

Jason isn't used to being made fun of.

Kimberly isn't always right.

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Cyrus tried to leave the old ways behind him.

"Really, my lady" stammered out the haberdasher, after what appeared to us to be a most ominous pause, "I am deeply sensible of your ladyship's patronage, and the patronage of your ladyship's niece."

Roger plans to be in Boston next Monday.

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Yesterday I met Part on the way to school.

I need my privacy.

It is always the case with him.

She is capable of teaching both English and French.

Let's go out and have a good time with our friends.

You must do it, like it or not.

Janet has always been very competitive.

She usually goes to bed at nine.

I am beyond not in the mood for this crap today.

Mann sweats a lot.

He worked hard. Otherwise he would have failed.


We promised to stand by him in case of trouble.


I didn't do anything at all.


Thank you very much for having me in your program.


This is just one of many things we have to do before we can go home.

A number of senators disliked Wilson.

Who helped you?

Everyone looked at them.

When are you coming home?

That wouldn't be a good thing.

I want something cold to drink.


This horse stands fifteen hands and weighs seventy stone.

You're nervous.

He cried.


They all went back.

But in the end he put the book on the fire.

I still don't know, even now.

Is this how it works?

He arrived safely.

Ed is outside playing with his friends.

I'll stay there till six o'clock.

The boy is a credit to our school.

I asked Irwin to be here 45 minutes ago.

I was singing.

The results were outstanding.

Music is wonderful for the soul.

What should they do in this situation?


I don't regret doing that.

Don't discriminate against people based on nationality, gender, or occupation.

Bucky never actually came out and said it.


I used to collect coasters.

Lonhyn is extremely agitated.

Who brought him?

Is the carpet blue or green?

Shopping around has become a burden to him.

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I think that his novel is boring.

You're speaking my language.

What're you so happy about?

Cross the road with care.

That's what Reiner did.


Hubert is hotheaded.

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I won't judge you.

You can't do this to her.

Liisa was sick of the noise.

Your moon returns.

Naren was a nominee.


At this school, there are no grades and children have no homework.

Mason seems to be the only one here who doesn't think Raj would be a good manager.

You know I'm much smarter than you.


You had better make use of this opportunity.


She came to pick me up.


Joe works more diligently now.

I've got to see Elliot.

Why would you want to go to Boston?

Now it's the real thing.

What you are saying is very important.

Brian is mad because Chris obviously doesn't intend to return the money.

Before tidying up, all my things were lying scattered about in their proper place; afterwards, everything was neatly arranged hell knows where.

Today I didn't go to school, neither did you.

The leaves turn red in the fall.


Do you have a backup plan?

He has a bad reputation of being dishonest.

She made use of all the left-overs.

He is now either in Rome or in Paris.

I need help with this.

I often remember the place where we met each other.

It is wrong to aim at fame only.

Chris got job as housepainter and was able to raise the money.

Everyone's went there, no?

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I think we need to organize a search party immediately.

Add six and four and you have ten.

Amedeo gave Edmund the OK sign.

Raymond was lucky he didn't get seriously injured.

Milner and Roxie are the same age.

Leila put his notebook away.

He had the courage to expose the scandal.

I'm doing this as fast as I can.

Sundar couldn't understand why Kirk had to quit her job.

It was almost noon when I woke up.

The manager of the team quit suddenly.

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The rice crop was poor, owing to the floods.

Hmm ... God may or may not exist.

Dogs bark when the caravan passes by.

We make milk into butter.

This bird's large wings enable it to fly very fast.

His proposal was out of the question.

Everyone in America can easily have a gun if he wants it.


Quality is more important than quantity.

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Maybe I should've done this sooner.

He is a member of the fraternity.

I met him on my way to school.

The train will get you there after half the time.

I could easily fix that.