It may be expensive.

If the cat is outside, the mice dance on the table.


I don't consider myself to be a good golfer.

Damone's baby was three weeks premature.

Janos said he couldn't find a job.

There is nothing wrong with you.

As she was dying, she tried to write the murderer's name with her own blood.

He says he will come at once.

We're really glad you decided to help us.

I told them I was married.

This intense heat doesn't seem to bother you.

I tried to stop Swamy from hurting Moore.

It's not my business.

Don't always try to appease women! They know they aren't generally good with technicalities.

I am more beautiful than you.

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The coat is a bit too short. Can you lengthen it?

The youngest siblings are in general the most beautiful ones.

Could you excuse us for a second?

Ralph enjoys reading books.

It was fun.

That would be somewhat ironic.

I am certain that we will find a solution.


I don't mind lending you the money provided you pay it back within a month.

Have we left out anything, Vassos?

I didn't do it that way.

The village in which he was born is far from here.

I'm worried because the dentist I went to recently told me, "You've got periodontitis alright".

You're so different.

I couldn't sleep.

She advised him to visit Boston, because she thought it was the most beautiful city in the world.

When my home had an extension built I only had this room fitted with soundproofing and an internal lock.


Thank you for making the arrangements.

It's about time I was going.

Lou was mugged.


Can I sit next to them?

I wonder what caused that.

He asked me to take a look at it.

Jurevis didn't think the pain would ever stop.

I gave the bag back to Ken.

The meeting lasted about three hours.

What is sporting your son?

She's uninsured.

I had a good sleep.

It's only money.

I'm not your jester.

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The girl squeezed her doll affectionately.


This man is very humble.

Why aren't they worried?

What else could I have done?

I had a problem with my car.

He was in the army for thirty years.

You were the one who was late.

There you go again with your bullshit.

They stared at him.

My nephew is getting married tomorrow.


It's not just here.

We're not the only ones who've made mistakes.

When was the last time you swam?

Patricio suffered an overwhelming loss with the death of his mother.

Tear gas filled the room.

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This was a lame attempt to conceal the fact that the author of this sentence has nothing to say.

I stayed with an American family.

I think you look tired.

He could not walk any further.

Her question is very hard to answer.

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We're at war.


I'll have you committed.

I just wanted to express my condolences.

I couldn't let Rodger go without saying goodbye.

She has scorn for me.

Adam is out of practice.

The city has a large population.

It won't be your fault if your son does anything wrong: he is twenty-five now, isn't he?

I live in a small town.

Do you really think you could help?


Although I can't speak the Shanghaiese dialect, I can speak Chinese.


I have trust in him.

Tanks and planes may defeat the troops but they cannot conquer the people.

The plane flew away in the direction of Hong Kong.

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Joel took the iron off the shelf, unwrapped the electrical cord, plugged in the iron and chose a heat setting.

I have a dog which can run fast.

The height of the tower is above 100 meters.

I wouldn't know what to say to Kevin.

You're a lot taller than Edith.

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It's not over.

Vidhyanath never bought anything.

Shari attempted to escape from jail.


With a different hairstyle, you'd look ten years younger.

I didn't get home until 2:30.

I feel like I've been here before.

He looks blue as he is schooled by his mother.

She's the girl whose performance won an Oscar.

The baby has pretty little fingers.

I came here to find answers.


We feel at ease.


Kevyn reminded us to do our homework.

I should follow the example.

I'll go.

The song is well-known to all.

One of my hobbies is collecting old stamps.

What did you tell them about me?

The load was too heavy for a driver to carry alone.

The emphasis of his talk was on the need to work hard.

Rajiv never told me that he knew how to speak French.


I'm worried that Kyu will get lost.

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How much is Zambian Kwacha in US dollars?


I haven't seen her for a while.

I'm going to go to bed.

John was the last one out.

She was greedy for love.

Alberto warned Pratapwant not to be late.


Many rich people live in this neighborhood.

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Olaf has a sense of humor.

This new application claims to be user friendly. Well, it isn't.

I get paid more than most people here do.


They attained their purpose at last.


I doubt Anita is really a doctor.

When exactly did you see her?

My jacket has a secret pocket where I can hide money or other valuables.


I'm going to invite Darin over for dinner.

I'm confident that there won't be a world war.

I don't think there's any point in discussing this matter with you.

The evidence confirms it.

He regrets having wasted his time.

You smoke far too much. You should cut back.

She called the pupils into the room.

Why shouldn't Vijay talk to you?

They're moving out.


This website is more addicting than Facebook, and infinitely more useful.


If it looks like an apple and it tastes like an apple, it's probably an apple.


What were they after?

We're really running late.

Alain thinks you're going to be here tomorrow.

The law is the law.

The front-roller thrust angle is 2 degrees, probably there were plans to strengthen that angle a little when racing.


Johnathan tried to drink his problems away.

Elaine took a cab.

These days, many vineyard owners use a machine for harvesting, but when it comes to champagne, the harvest must be done by hand.

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Do you like it then?

Cathrin ordered a drink.

She began to talk to the dog.

They'll walk there in half an hour.

Have you ever dyed your hair red?

Hawaii enjoys good weather the year round.

We took cover from the thunder shower.

Don't leave the windows open.

Did you ever talk to Troy about that?

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I took her home.

He tried to fasten his attention on the letter.

Schools are closed for Christmas.


I can always come back later if you're busy now.

How long will Walter be gone?

I've been doing what we came for.


I know it wasn't them.

Please tell me how to get to ___.

Those colours go well together.

I'm not drunk.

Sanity hates me.

He scratched his head out of habit.

It was totally secret.


Gregg was reading a newspaper in his pajamas.

This is pseudoscience.

Mitchell is a bell maker.

Tell him I don't want to go.

Shatter is all business.