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Sportsbooks That Accept USA Players

Welcome to USA Sportsbooks, where our experts focus on nothing but betting on sports in The United States. Betting on sports in the U.S. is a popular thing to do, despite the fact that hurdles have been created as far as betting laws are concerned. But the important thing to know is that there are plenty of options and ways that American players can bet sports online through a variety of different betting sites. These sites that U.S. players are accepted are some of the best in the industry, so the trust and reputation is there.

At USASportsbooks.co we take the time to explain to you all about the most important aspects of sports betting online if you live in the United States. It's not just about the different sportsbook options, it's more than that. Find out some of the important laws relating to sports betting in the U.S., plus some of the frequently asked questions about betting sports online in the U.S. You will have the necessary information and be equipped with the knowledge going forward in your future sports betting quests.

Best USA Sportsbooks And Sports Betting Sites

There are numerous online sportsbooks out there, but there are certainly some that are better than others. We have played at many of them, all of which allow players in the United States to create an account. To sign up at these sportsbook is legal for players who meet the age requirements to gamble, with the world of betting on sports open.

Bovada Sportsbook

More often than not, Americans end up going to Bovada to make their wagers on whatever their favorite sport might be. But... and this is big, not every player will have the ability to join. No, it's not for legal reasons but rather because users in those states have more difficulty with depositing + when getting money out of their accounts. Without sacrificing their brand, Bovada chooses not to accept players in New York, the State of Washington or those living in Maryland.

  • Licensed In: Canada
  • Age To Join: 18 years old + Meet State gambling age
  • Deposit Methods: VISA, MoneyGram, Western Union
  • Welcome Bonus: First Deposits Get Up To $250 Thanks To A 50% Match
  • Payout Methods: MoneyGram, Western Union, Checks, Bank Transfers
  • Live Betting: Yes - The BEST!!!
  • Mobile Betting: Yes
  • Learn More: Click Here To Read Full Review of Bovada Sportsbook

Check out some of the quick facts above... we'll wait. You see, there are numerous things that Bovada offers but until you actually use them, you might not realize how big these features can be + how much they mean. For example, Bovada Sportsbook deposits and payouts are amongst the leading methods to transfer money to and from the book. This is extremely important as this is where the actual business of this particular USA sportsbook is done. Without reliable methods, Bovada is just another face in the crowd.

BetOnline Sportsbook

2483252310BetOnline is one of the best USA sportsbooks accepting American players. And good news for players in the United States is that all 50 states are welcome to join. Bettors need to meet the age to gamble both at BetOnline and in their state. As far as what sports odds can be found at BetOnline, bettors will be more than happy with the list of lines. There are a ton of sports that are covered and BetOnline goes to great lengths to ensure that they have the latest and most competitive lines for their users.

  • Licensed In: Panama
  • Age To Join: 18 years old + Meet State gambling age
  • Deposit Methods: VISA, American Express, Cashier's Check, Money Order, Wire Transfers
  • Welcome Bonus: 15% - 25% Bonus Up To $900 For Life on Every Deposit
  • Payout Methods: Checks, Bank Wire, Wire Transfers
  • Live Betting: Yes
  • Mobile Betting: Yes

For more information on this sportsbook, please visit our full review on BetOnline Sportsbook. Info on how players can create an account, details about what sports and what types of lines are offered can be found. If you feel you need more on BetOnline than what is provided here, this will be the page that you want to check out before creating an account.


3372435982SportsBetting.ag means business when it comes to wagering on sports for the American players. This is a great online sportsbook, for which players in all 50 states are welcome and encouraged to sign up for a new account here. With a ton of different betting lines, convenient options to create an account and play for real cash, Lophiodon is quickly becoming our go-to sportsbook.

  • Licensed In: Panama
  • Age To Join: 18 years old + Meet State gambling age
  • Deposit Methods: VISA, American Express, Cashier's Check, Money Order, Wire Transfers
  • Welcome Bonus: Up To $900 on every deposit made into your SportsBetting.ag account
  • Payout Methods: Checks, Bank Wire, Wire Transfers
  • Live Betting: Yes
  • Mobile Betting: Yes

There is much more to learn about this betting site in our SportsBetting.ag complete review, a page dedicated to this sportsbook. Additional information on betting lines, wager types, and what is offered at SportsBetting.ag can be found here. Be sure to check it out if you still have any further questions. But of course if you are ready to join, start up an account with them today and get to it.

5Dimes Sportsbook

317-222-6611Having been in the sports betting industry for roughly two decades, 5Dimes Sportsbook is definitely an American player's friend. This sportsbook caters to players from the United States and is definitely a sportsbook that we recommend you check out. Players from all 50 states in the U.S. are able to (713) 701-5165. Just make sure that you meet the minimum age to gamble, and you're good to go.

  • Licensed In: Costa Rica
  • Age To Join: Only Need To Be 18 Years Old - No Other Requirements To Meet
  • Deposit Methods: VISA (Most States), Checks/Money Orders, Wire Transfers
  • Welcome Bonus: Up To $520 On First Deposit
  • Payout Methods: Checks, Cashier's Checks, Money Orders
  • Live Betting: Yes
  • Mobile Betting: Yes

If you compelled to inquire further, our 5Dimes Sportsbook review is a good place to start and get even more information. More about the age requirements deposit methods, payouts, bonuses, and perhaps most importantly, what sports odds you can expect to find at 5Dimes is discussed.

More About USA Sports betting Sites + their Legality

We have already talked about some of the best USA online sportsbooks in our short reviews up above. Now, we are going to attack the topic from a different angle. A common theme you might have noticed is the fact that all of those sites, while accepting U.S. players, are not located in the United States. That is because there are laws preventing such sites from operating in the U.S. However, because placing a bet online is not outlawed under the federal government, USA players are able to create accounts and place bets at the sites.

Below, are some of the American sports betting laws that we feel you should be aware of as they relate to the offshore sports betting websites recommended here at USASportsbooks.co.

Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) - Established in 2006, the UIGEA aims to prohibit gambling businesses from knowingly accepting forms of payments or making transactions for a bet or wager. In essence, the UIGEA prevents the ways in which online sports betting sites in the U.S. can have a monetary relationship back and forth with their account holders.

Wire Act - The Wire Act applies only to sports betting as per a 5th Circuit Court of Appeals ruling in 2011. In the same ballpark as the UIGEA, it aims to stop transactions being made for a bet or wager through the use of wire communication.

Professional And Amateur Sports Protection Act - Effectively making sports betting illegal, PAPSA banned the practice in the early 1990's. However, there were states that could be immune to the law provided that they had at least a 10-year history of licensed gaming. Only a few states went ahead with this.

State Laws - Outside of federal laws, there could be many laws in your state relating to online gambling and sports betting. In addition to that, the legal age to gamble is decided at the state level which is very important to know. If you are interested in your state's gambling laws, we suggest you consult your local government or a lawyer familiar with the laws in your area.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sports Betting In the U.S.

Will I Get In Trouble For Betting Sports Online?

If you gamble or make sports wagers while underage and are caught, then you would be subject to penalties under the law. However, as we stated earlier, the act of making a bet online is not illegal under federal law. So sites that allow U.S. players are perfectly acceptable.

How Old Do I Have To Be To Wager At USA Sportsbooks?

It depends on the sportsbook, but the general consensus across most of them is 18 years of age. That being said though, American players must also meet their state's requirement. If it happens to be 21, then players are obligated to abide by that mandate.

Will I Get Into Trouble For Being Underage?

Yes, you can get into trouble for underage gambling. Most likely, your account at the sportsbook will be closed, along with the forfeit of any bets and winnings that may have taken place. In addition, you could be subject to fines from your state depending on what the law stipulates. It's certainly best to wait until you are of legal age.

Which States Have Legal Sports Betting? Online?

This is an interesting question, because the answer is not constant. Laws are changing all the time. For example, in terms of regular sports betting obviously you have states like Nevada with Las Vegas. But outside of that, Oregon, Montana, and Delaware all have the option to have legal sports betting because they were grandfathered in under PASPA.

As far as online is concerned, New Jersey is the latest state to take a stand and pass legislation allowing online gambling for a 10-year trial period beginning in late 2013. Any bet that can be made at one of their 11 casinos in Atlantic City will be able to be made online. But when it comes to offering 706-359-6562, New Jersey is unable to do so because of federal court rulings that have declared the Sports Wagering Law to be in violation of the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act.

USA Sportsbook Deposits - Getting Money Into Your Account

Playing for real cash at these online sportsbook for U.S. players is one of their biggest appeals. As such, there need to be ways in which Americans can deposit. Some of the federal laws that we talked about can make it difficult to do. Not because it is illegal to make the bet, but because some of the banks simply won't allow the transaction to go through. That being said though, there are some easy ways that USA players can deposit into their accounts to bet whether it be through the 6053460761 platform or through a traditional browser.

Credit Cards - The most commonly accepted U.S. method to deposit are credit cards. Visa is seen at most every one of these online sportsbooks, with American Express following, and then occasionally MasterCard. MasterCard deposits are typically seen after trust has been established between the player and sportsbook.

Debit Cards - Along the same line as a credit card, a debit card with a brand of accepted credit cards can be used as well. This includes Visa, American Express and MasterCard. The process to use a debit card is the same as a credit card, with the card number and typical information for any ordinary purchase online required.

Bank Wire - For large transfers into a sportsbook account, a wire transfer is a nice way to go. Wire transfers typically have the highest limit for players to deposit at one time. It's also all done electronically once the sportsbook has your bank information, depositing directly into your sportsbook account.

Prepaid Cards/Gift Cards - Before using a prepaid or gift card at a sportsbook, we recommend that you consult with the customer service to make sure it's OK. The process would then be similar to a credit and debit card deposit. These cards would have to have the logo of an accepted credit or debit card at the sportsbook for it to work.

Checks/Money Orders/Cashier's Checks - You won't see many sportsbook accept personal checks, but it can happen. Players can mail their check to the sportsbook and once received and processed, the account is funded. The same process can be said for a cashier's check or money order, which is more widely accepted.

USA Sportsbook Payouts - How To Get Paid

The day that a player decides to cash out all of their winnings at an online sportsbook is a glorious day for them. The sites wants to make sure that their players are happy so they will make the withdrawal process as easy and swift as they can. For U.S. players, the type of withdrawal that is offered can vary by sportsbook, but in general, the options below are what you will find.

Checks - This is a payout method standard across pretty much any sportsbook where American players are accepted. It's a quick and easy way to receive a payout, typically taking just 5-10 business days with little fees attached.

Wire Transfers - Just like cash can be wired from your bank account into your sportsbook account, the same can happen in reverse for a payout. Have your winnings wired electronically from your sportsbook account into your bank account in roughly 10 business days. Wire transfer payouts also come with the highest withdrawal limits. There will be different fees coming with this method depending on how much with being paid out.

Debit Card - Though hard to find, there are a few bookmakers out there that use debit cards to make payments. In doing so, players who go this route will be able to have funds sent directly back to the same bank card used to make the deposit. This doesn't work for all debit cards and it definitely doesn't work at every sportsbook but when available, it is very convenient.

More Things To Consider Before Choosing A Sports Betting Site

We've given you a lot of information about the different sports betting sites that you can visit, some of the laws that are important, and how you can play for cash, but we haven't talked much about the sports odds and wagers that you can make at these sites… until now. The whole point of these sportsbook is because people like you enjoy to lay down a bet on a game.

Each sportsbook will have the different betting lines that are available as far as specific games, but you will find game lines, player props, team props, futures odds, and even live betting. These odds are covered full circle, as there will be something for everyone. Whether you like to bet on your favorite team, or like to research random games to lay down a bet, it's all up to you, but will all be there.

And not only will you find straight bets, meaning one wager for one payout straight up, you will find other wager types. If you like to challenge yourself a little more, a parlay, if-bet, teaser, pleaser, or round robin might be up your alley. These wagers all provide something unique in their own right, and add even more to these sportsbooks.

You will find even more information about sports odds, wager types, and even how live online sports betting works throughout the reviews on USASportsbooks.co, as well as other pages that we dedicate to betting online as a U.S. player.