Have you wondered why Sam is always late?


I learned that woman I thought was a nurse is, in fact, a doctor.

We were all a little alarmed.

The only useful answers are those that raise new questions.


Have you been stealing from me?


Maybe she likes you, too.

Steven is putting his son into the bed.

When the bus swerved to miss a cat, the driver said, "That was a close one!"

Where did you go with that girl?

Do you want to go to dinner?

At the hospital he was given some blood transfusions.

He got a shameful title.

Molly and Vladislav are both very excited.

It was too late.

He is leaving for China on an inspection tour next month.

She is like a mother to me.

We'll never know the truth about his death.

He's a famous physicist not only in Japan, but throughout the world.

Clyde didn't know anyone.

I can't imagine what Dalton sees in Eva.

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I go to school because I want to learn.

Sherri heard Marsha singing.

O what can ail thee, knight-at-arms, alone and palely loitering?

It sounded like water had got onto the cables somehow, and they were breaking.

How can I feel relaxed with you watching me like that?

You don't need us.

This cookbook has recipes for every imaginable occasion.

Why won't Stagger let you use his car?

I'll have a talk with Cindie.


We can accommodate him for the night.

She's fluent in English.

Please take me with you.


I saw them making out!

How did Herman respond?

Leif mounted his horse and rode off.

Watch your language.

Howard and Vidhyanath are both helicopter pilots.

I'm glad you came.

Can I have a second helping?


Hasn't it been solved yet? Whose responsibility is it, the prefecture's or the country's?

I had to show her something.

Vaduz is the capital of Liechtenstein.

I'm not going back to Boston.

He has a good constitution.

I guess we shouldn't be surprised.

The queen took umbrage at remarks made in the press about her insensitivity to the death of the princess.

I don't feel like going out tonight.

You loved chocolate.

Skef's sensible.

Russia imported wheat from the United States.

The enemy committed a horrible manslaughter in the city.

Murder and robbery are criminal acts.

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I'm sorry about that, Ritalynne.


What I really want to do is to get some sleep.

James is the only one who has to leave.

I spurn your offer.

Go get a drink of water.

You should apologize to him for coming late.

Terrence is your uncle.

Saul waited for you for a long time.

It's time for a coffee break.

Charleen has solved the puzzle.

You could be in over your head.

Andries can't accept your gift.

Vishal threw her husband's clothes in the fire.

She is a so-called bookworm.

The German scientist Erich von Wolff, who measured the rate of iron (Fe) in various vegetables, had a mistake in adding the decimal point when copying the data from his notebook.

You're always criticizing me!

Elliot has no respect for authority.

Are we talking about the same Benson?

The answer to all three questions is yes.

Casper had to go to Boston with Matthias.

This work must be finished by Monday.

JavaScript is a programming language.


We made just one tiny little mistake.

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She lacks common sense.

I had a feeling that Alexander and Florian would decide not to buy that house.

There was nothing to eat.

Did the cat get your tongue?

What kind of fruit juice do you have?

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The dress I like most is the black one.

Many people only speak one language.

5000 years of the Space Age have awarded humanity the prize of a much larger living space and a higher survivability rating.

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Stewart has nothing on.

He likes you!

I never thought it'd be this hard to get Belinda to accept the job.


The visitors were greeted with warm handshakes.

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He is holding his books under his arm.

It's too dangerous for you to stay here.

You're way too good for them.


I have no idea what that means.


He loves listening to classical music.


I thought George did a good job.

Woody was surrounded by a horde of screaming fangirls.

What do you remember?

Oil and water do not mix.

Where's the whipped cream?

Blake handed Hunter a list of questions.

What an insane world we live in.

What school do you go to?

He told me that Suzanne got pregnant.

This TV show is about penguins.

I asked you last night.


Leila seemed to be used to these kinds of problems.

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Rhonda knows the police suspect him.

All share the blame.

Cyrus is a little older than the rest of the students in his class.

I'll take my chances right here and now.

My parents went to church, but I did not go.

I want to go back to my desk.

Lynnette's plan failed.


That's great news.

Languages take time and effort to master.

Moe prefers speaking French.

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I don't suppose there's much chance of that happening.

Who's your primary physician?

I've been waiting in my quarters for you.

Do you want those chocolates?

Everyone is a drunkard.

Emily permitted me to live with her.

Promise me you'll help Dorian.


Hui went through the file.

This is one for the books.

I thought you jury-rigged something.

Galactose is a carbohydrate.

Annie wants to meet you in the library.


Pythagoras' theorem says that the square of the hypotenuse is equal to the sum of the squares of the other two sides.


The hotel provided us with sandwiches and coffee.


Emily cut off his finger with a circular saw.

I arrived late, so I didn't hear everything.

Gregor blushed and turned away.

Ralf knows he did something wrong.

You're wasting ammo.

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For all his genius he is as obscure as ever.

I want you to wear that new hat I bought for you.

Nobody's forcing you to do anything.


I don't know the reason for this.

I only used it twice.

Arnold called me late last night.

The hotel charged me 8,000 yen for the room.

You're my woman.


We all shuddered from the great shock.


Do you understand English?


Sekar likes both Jess and John.

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Leave it where you found it.

He went out without saying goodbye to me.

Mingle your joys sometimes with your earnest occupation.

Luke stepped out into the hall.

How much did you bet Roxie?


He seized me by the wrist.


What should I get?

Will you teach me some French?

He studied all the harder for being praised by his teacher.


Germany borders on France.


You're going to like this.


What's your opinion about that?

Come on! Give me a chance.

Does anyone here think that's a good idea?

Do you believe it at all?

Your job must keep you pretty busy.


This kind of medicine can temporarily alleviate pain. If you need it, just take it.