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He has the backing of a certain politician.


I actually appreciate that.

She told me that if I don't stop smoking she's going to dump me. Sounds like an ultimatum to me!

Kory could still be there.


She is unbeaten at that video game.

Our website is still under construction.

Did anyone say anything?

I thought you'd be happy to see me.

We had a difficult winter.

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Sometimes, the Moon passes between the Earth and the Sun. The Moon blocks the light of the Sun and a shadow of the Moon is cast on the Earth's surface. This is an eclipse of the Sun, or a solar eclipse.

Konrad thinks he's invincible.

Rich didn't kill anyone.

Don't forget to call us.

This horse stands fifteen hands and weighs seventy stone.


He got out from under the car.

This is the lover's lane.

Have you ever written a computer program?

The boys are out.

Scott does weight training.

Amarth always seems to be complaining.

It'll take some time to shovel all the snow off the roof.


Emmett anticipated that there would be trouble.


Srivatsan should've kissed Stephanie when he had the chance.

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Robert covered his face.

The plants withered because they had no water.

He told me that she loves me.

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I admired the beauty of all the colorful flowers

She soon adjusted to his way of life.

Rain is water falling from clouds.

She was educated in the United States.

They were stunned after finding out about his resignation.

Karen has been in a car accident.

Don't ever touch my things again.


I'll loan you the money you want.


You could at least say "thank you".

You can't just leave me here.

I'll never forget this incident.


He moved the furniture.

Let's occasionally change where we go to eat out.

My advice would be to avoid Sanity today.

Sleeping is certainly the best waste of time.

Bacteria are microscopic organisms.


I just wish I could see Boyce again.


My girlfriend is named Laurie.

I've decided to answer all questions publicly.

What language are you speaking?


Pollen can cause anaphylactic shock when inhaled.


Wow, Victor is a hot piece of ass.

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He bought that house because his wife liked it.


We need to clean the car.


This hall will hold two thousand people.

I just want to make you happy.

What kind of ship is that?

I can't disclose that information yet.

I just kept my cool.

You can call me at whatever time you want.

Perhaps we shouldn't be trying to do this without Bryan's help.


Dan is worried about Linda's baby.

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Fill out the form in ballpoint.


She is used to traveling.

I need to get out of this hellhole.

This is above me.

Let's hope it stays that way.

I explicitly told Eddie not to do that.

She looked ill.

The more information you give me, the better the advice I can provide you.

I made a snack for us.

None of those involved had any visible injury.


I do not fancy romantic comedies.


Marsha gets along fine with Walt.

He has already finished his work.

Please, give me your address.


No one loves you like I do.

I doubt that Carole will be able to seal the deal.

The hill was covered in snow.

Oh, by the way, I have something to tell you.

Who is responsible for high unemployment?

I reported the theft of my car to the police.

I want the truth.

Why would Susanne lie about his age?

One does not forget one's place.

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Darrell pulled a cigarette lighter out of his pocket.

His teacher sent him to the principal's office for being tardy too many times.

Charlene hid in our basement for three days.

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Mickey might've followed us.

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Luck had nothing to do with it.


I couldn't bear to see such a scene.

Lin sat motionless on a chair in the corner of the room.

Talking to Guillermo isn't going to help.

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This is the largest coin factory in the United States.

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Don't be so gloomy about the future.


How did Mick get into Blaine's office?


It is cool after the rain.

Am I on the right road?

Why didn't you tell me all this before?


My parents were opposed to our marriage.


This will work.

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Shannon and Soohong were trapped in the elevator for three hours.


He keeps a store in Tokyo.

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Pilar really enjoys his job.


I'm not working for Ricardo anymore.

Do they all cost the same?

It's simple, but it works.


Kusum pointed to the back door.


Dean went swimming with us yesterday.


The two houses stand back to back.


Now hurry up and write your goddamn paper!


That made me laugh.

The girl is happily reading.

After thinking over it over and over, I came up with nothing.

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What is Saoirse doing?

He does not know.

Do I take choice among these?

Let's find out who stabbed her.

Do your homework before you watch TV.

It is beyond the scope of the present work to describe all the components that comprise Emmet's architectural style.

I think I know where Jeremy put his keys.

Seed pods keep dropping off the tree.

He apparently dates a Japanese girl called Tatoeba.

I think the time is right to introduce this product.

I need you to talk to me.

I like music.

She killed time going around the shops.

Has the letter carrier been by yet?

The towel on the left is yours.

God has been very kind to the shark.

At least you didn't steal anything.

You don't need to be here for this.

Then you will have money and you will be happy.

Here is the latest interview!

The mystery deepens.

One-third is less than one-half.

The goals were placed at the opposite ends of the town.


Oranges are a good source of vitamin C.


Phiroze is going to love living here.


I don't speak French at home.

One beer, please!

I never thought I'd make this mistake myself.

I have difficulty chewing.

I did my best to keep you out of it.

I was glad to hear the news.

I saw you spying on Nichael.


A lot of people feel the same way about this as I do.

Hey, pops! What are you doing!

We'll be destroyed.

Tell Rolfe to shut up.

Don't be intimidated.

I'm a very lucky man.

Pick it up.

I thought everybody liked it.

Ginny told me that he thought Boston was a safe city.