I try to take few medicines, if possible.

We can't just fire her.


I wrote that for them.

When a friend comes from afar, is that not delightful?

Is it possible that a Hungarian sea has ever existed?

Shadow likes oranges.

I was with Joni the night he died.

She is washing her hands.

They quarreled among themselves.


Thank you for the necklace.


The basket was filled with strawberries.

This is not okay.

Do you like to party?

Do you want to go to the cinema or the theater?

Kerf is waste.


Let us go forward together.

I felt terrible.

What happened in there?

Bhutan is a country about which I only know very little.

He hasn't forgotten these rules.

Please give me a cup of tea.

Mats just told Karen to leave.

This problem bristles with difficulties both psychological and economical.

Every flatterer lives at the expense of whom listens to them.

How could I have possibly known that would happen?

It was nice knowing you.

She's indifferent to me.

I'm sorry, but I can't.

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I think we'll get there in time if we don't get caught in a traffic jam.

Donal didn't like the place.

The animals in the forest died off.


I thought Rodent loved me.

Hey, Bob. Where do you have your car washed?

Would it be OK if I turned off the lights?


At that point I realized the danger of the situation.


As he was so tired, he fell fast asleep.

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Damone would like to speak with you.

How many neurons are there in this human brain?

We're dead if they find us.


He can barely read.


I'd like to thank you for helping us.

We pay an income tax at varying rates according to the size of income.

Melinda arrived at the station at 3:00.

"How do I get to 5th Street?" "Turn right at the second street, go two blocks and turn right again."

Jesus said, "You believe because I told you I saw you under the fig tree."


Spare me the grisly details.


Ramesh gave me plenty to eat.

You wanted me to do that, didn't you?

It was a computer error.

I was about to start.

We must move fast.

The president was forced to return to Washington.

No one would offer him a job.


I was late because I was sure that the lessons started later.

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Wendell didn't want to sell his car, but he had no choice.

Did anything interesting happen while I was gone?

I've known Murph since we were both kids.

Peter and Emma are just friends. There's nothing between him and her.

I wanted to talk some more, but she hung up.

I didn't do what I was told to do.

I will let you know in advance.


Lend me your pen, please.


Ladies first!

I still have one or two other things left to pack in my suitcase.

Tell her that I'm fine.


Help me!

Give up such ideas.

It has been agreed that the meeting will be held on Friday.

If you want to use Chinese characters, be sure you've saved your files in the UTF-8 encoding.

He had strong religious beliefs.

We'll be totally defenseless.

Rupert hasn't had lunch yet.

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I wonder whose footprints these are.

That's what I was wondering, too.

His brave action is worthy of a medal.


This has been a paradox, but now the time gives it proof.

How is your brother?

She's so hot!

I guess I'll have to wait a little longer.

He was rowing against a gentle current.

Do we really want to help Sabrina?

He had no luck in finding work.

Faced with a massive online attack, Tatoeba adopted a policy of martial law.

Friends come in handy at times like this.


Kristi wanted to live in a big city like Boston.

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There's nothing else for me here.

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Can you teach me French?


I do not need everything from you.


Krzysztof finally managed to do what he was trying to do.

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Everybody hates Dan's arrogant attitude.


I'm having trouble getting to sleep.


All with one impulse worshiped the god.


Jeff certainly understands that we all need to attend today's meeting.


So far there has been only one participant who won one million Israeli Shekels in "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" in Israel.

Fortunately, Tomas recovered.

I burned the newspaper.

They heard you.

I can't find Ray anywhere.

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There are certainly some points worth considering.

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You look just like your father.

Polly seems a little annoyed.

What does she want in return?

Oops, I shrunk my sister's favorite hoodie.

Dieter is hysterical.

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Jiri hasn't seen Curtis in ages.

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A few years ago, on Mother's Day, I gave my stepmother a locket as a present.

She felt like crying at the news.

He was carried away by the police.


Kyoko had the kindness to carry my baggage for me.


And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.

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I knew that I was being watched.


What was the girl called?

Barney was standing outside the window, listening to Leith and John talking.

The street fight was interrupted with a hail of gunfire.


The beauty of that country is beyond description.

I'm glad that God has chosen me to be your host.

I've sometimes taken time off work to watch the Super Bowl.


You've frightened Chris.

It's very unlikely.

I suggest we don't even try.

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The flower is opening.

You may as well withdraw from the club right away.

Kemal isn't as innocent as he tries to make himself look.

The neon sign shone as if to invite us.

Phil put some clean clothes on.

Tommy would never have done such a thing.

The boat sank in a flash.

Is there a bank near the train station?

We must study harder.


I love cats.

Great jubilation is often followed by bitter disappointment.

Their carpet is completely white.

Who lives in the house next door?

You shouldn't have gone.


Pamela is a very classy guy.

How are you going to get to work tomorrow?

I wish I could eat some chocolate ice cream right now.

They may need help.

Maybe we can go fishing next week.

Brandon's impeccable manners made a big impression on Manuel's parents.

Can you recommend a good motel in the area?

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She spoke to me in a whisper.

Alvin told Martyn about his new car.

Dion lost everything.


Betty was pretty close with his parents.


Someone grabbed me from behind.

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I've decided.

Ritchey has certain qualities you'll appreciate.

I called him up.

When did Cristopher leave for Boston?

"May I come in?" asked the student. "You april come in" replied the teacher.


I'm sure you like your new job.