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Ritalynne started rinsing off the dishes.

Mwa won the sharpshooter medal.

I forgot the book at home.

Carter could've hurt me worse.

I want to wash up a little.

Cheese cuts easily with a knife.

She wrote as many as ten books.

It's been a difficult day.

I should have listened to Ann.

Ernie looked around to make sure they were alone.

There are a lot of factories in Kawasaki.

Pieter seems dependable.

People dress colorfully in that culture.


Phiroze could've been a little more helpful.


Bernard passed the physical test.


Their scope and shape is unclear.

He was within an ace of success.

How old did you say Andrea was?

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He has absolutely no respect for other people's feelings.

Kazuhiro is a strong, independent woman.

The policeman told me to repark my car, and I did.

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They checked the machine for defects.


I still need to talk to you.

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They might have what you want.

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Yesterday, Hsi told me he couldn't speak French.

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The Earth is too small.

I'm Shanghainese.

We took an airboat tour through the Everglades.


Susan burst into tears.

Suwandi had to agree.

He began to cry, to scream, to knock his head against the wall, but the more he shrieked, the longer and the more hairy grew his ears.


I've seen it happen too many times already.

Gerard is unperturbed.

Genius does what it must, and talent does what it can.


The bus will arrive shortly. Please wait a bit.

Bret's not in a good mood.

Rajendra won't stop until he gets what he wants.

A fanatic threw a bomb at the king's coach.

Amarth started to laugh and was joined by everyone in the room.

Delirium of one person is called madness. Delirium of thousands of people is called religion.

Do you want to go on a diet with me?

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I'm sorry about your loss.

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I like learning old languages.

I want this stuff thrown away.

He is nervous about it.

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Pedro is with me now.

The record concert is free of charge and is open to everyone.

I'll look forward to it.

Tandy didn't like our decision.

What different types of meat do you sell?

Maybe I shouldn't stay here.

I hope Benson's recovery goes well.


Norbert didn't really understand.


The man answers to the description in the newspaper.

Napoleon's life was a great drama.

At long last, you will get married in June.


Don't jinx me.

Gigi's car hit a tree.

The days turned into weeks, and then into months, and then into years.

I'll help you burn everything.

He has only a superficial knowledge of Japanese.

I have a job to do.

Billie takes a pill with vitamins and minerals every day.


I'd like to know where you bought that.


He was still as still in the presence of danger.

How does that sound to you?

Joachim is a pastry chef.


When I was 17 or 18 years old, I started buying candy with my own money and I always bought marshmallows.

I'm going to open the wine and let it breathe.

We'll have our picnic inside if the weather doesn't improve.


What's going on with you and Anita?

All future meetings will be held in this room.

She put the magazine on the table.

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I can't remember anything.


Reading is prohibited in this library.

I tried to align the pieces of metal perfectly together before soldering them.

It's not the cloth that brings the money. It's the craftsmanship.

Taeko, come on from stage left.

They stayed at home, because it rained.


It would be better if we didn't do this until tomorrow.

Did you go to the book fair?

I have been thinking about doing this for a very long time.


Stanly trimmed his beard for the wedding.

I want you to tell Gail that you don't love him anymore.

Today is a good day.

I read this book again and again.

I sometimes translate lyrics for my wife.

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Vampires live forever, unless they're killed.


Keep them inside.

The United States is next to Canada.

Niels isn't as energetic as he used to be.

Are they all like this?

The county administration works slowly.

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Do you have an anger management problem?

We saw another ship far ahead.

I bought this for my boyfriend.

A dictionary is an excellent reference book.

Human beings evolved their intelligence.

The one Lisa holds a grudge against is Stan.

I've got blisters.


We may never know what happened to Lawrence.

Bert will go there with me.

The dog went under the table.

Stop beating around the bush and answer my question!

Is Margie over there with you?

The article was well researched and insightful.

Does it sound familiar?

Her dog isn't very fast.

Thanks a lot, Jagath.

So what?

Did Rob tell Turkeer when John would be arriving?

Look how the trees sway in that wind.

I couldn't believe it when they told me.

Jagath is at work.

Irfan flosses his teeth at least once a week.

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I know what you need.

His cell phone is off.

I can't get you out of my mind.


I need a place to stay for a couple of days.


What were you doing by the docks?

The car is old but good.

I didn't know the performer, but eventually found out who she was.

She scraped her shoes clean before she entered the house.

Which solution is best?


We're not working for Bret.


The sixth prime minister of Malaysia is Dato' Sri Najib Abdul Razak.

How many people live in Australia?

You'll have to ask Liz about that. I don't know.

What was he up to then?

How thick is the board?

Sergiu told Bob to wear what she wanted to wear.

The Persian Gulf is located between Iran (Persia) and the Arabian Peninsula.


Unfortunately this is real.


That's completely ridiculous.

Roxie made a lot of smart decisions.

Eventually, Charlie will tell me everything I want to know.

The snowman had melted completely by the next morning.

Barbara let the cat out of the bag when he accidentally told his mother about the surprise party being planned for her.


It's not for you.


I've told you not to call me, Chip.


It's drizzling outside.


The cat lay at full length on the road.

Old isn't nice.

Jenine used to do that.


You'd think that would have impressed Charlene.

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What should I do with this?


Hang in there, Bert. Don't die.

What have you eaten?

I visited a small town in Catalonia.

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I heard you might be in trouble.

Where is today's paper?

Your argument came across well.

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Earth is the blue planet.