Jacobson is allergic to milk.

I wanted Huashi to look at me instead of Gale.

Every time he meets me, he brags about his car.

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We love what we do.

No sentence on Tatoeba contains the word "anathema".

That's unbelievably stupid.

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Please allow me to carry your bag.

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The school is five kilometers from my home.

She nearly fainted when she saw the blood.

You've been here all night, haven't you?

Mara's house needs to be painted.

He could devise clever alibis.

Jerome caught the ball.

Maybe you're not getting enough sleep.

Did you use a condom?

Everything is going just fine.


The pile of garbage is as big as Mount Everest.


The henhouse caught fire, but the chickens escaped.

Were you shopping?

I like my steak medium.


Do you have any questions about what needs to be done?

Just work hard.

There isn't anywhere else to park.

That didn't bother Vladislav at all.

I don't want to go there.


We've got to get them a present.

I was going to take a picture of a squirrel I found in the park, but it was too nimble, and all my shots were no good.

Kimmo and Wilmer are arguing again.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Ken is so busy that he can't come.

Tomorrow is back-to-school day! For once, I'm anxious to go back.

Lucius was in the hospital for three weeks earlier this year.

Who will they choose?

I need a secretary.

Stores are closed in the afternoon because of the heat.

Do you require a security deposit?

I hope I'll have learned a great deal about it in ten years.

I hurried to the station so as to be in time for the first train.


Many begin, but few finish.

I lent Mah and Paula my camera.

I think it's only fair.

Beethoven was a great musician.

Every year, the organisation organises a number of meetings of volunteers who go door-to-door to sell Frisian books.

You'd better rewrite the article.

Manolis drove very carefully.

The French government made a 35-hour workweek mandatory in 2000.

No action is in itself good or bad.


Sidney was listening intently.


They are all dead.


Ravindran is a member of the team.

Why didn't you help them?

I'm going to name him Diana.

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Srikanth buried his face in his hands.

I calculated that it would cost 300 dollars.

It's only four minutes from here by train.

We were drunk.

I love my mother.

That hat cost around fifty dollars.

It's a full-time job.

Don't waste your breath on Duke.

We kept together for safety.

She forgot her umbrella, as is often the case with her.

He was killed with a sword.

Mondays are not good for me.

People like me who have lots of imagination aren't easily jealous.


There is a Mr. Kimura on the line for you.

Alzheimer's disease affects mainly people older than 60 years.

I've got business with Kenton.


This man is a linguist. It's natural that he know.

I think you'd better come with me.

The police charged him with speeding.

She deserves a better life.

What did Thomas Edison invent?


It's rather cold.

I poured the wine in a plastic bag and then dipped it in ice water.

How do you know about him?

They don't deserve to die.

Keep Daniele quiet.

God could not be everywhere, therefore he created mothers.

I'm glad to see you're paying attention.


We received a large parcel.


You have betrayed us. I can see it in your eyes.

If two people are in agreement, one of them is unnecessary.

It won't happen to me.

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Everyone is hoping nothing bad will ever happen in Japan.

The island showed black in the moonlight.

If you know where Darin is, tell me.

Are you underage?

Dan tied Linda's hands.


We're all looking forward to seeing you.


Herman's favorite Elvis Presley song is "Jailhouse Rock."


If possible, I'd like to read more about this subject.


The approaching exam, they knew, would be quite easy.

Wendell is an unlucky guy.

Ima got a letter from Father Christmas.

I don't really trust him.

Twins are clones.

I suggest that you don't trust Arthur too much.

Would you like to travel abroad?


My sister and I take turns in cleaning our room.


Is she having an affair?

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He needs to speak English.

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The soldier really could not refrain from kissing her.

Norbert has done it to me again.

Jack is three years older than I.

The theater was slowly filling with people.

I was very happy to see my old friend.

If Scotland eventually recovers its stolen independence after over three centuries, I'll get myself dead drunk.

He has an eye for art.

Are you aware of what might happen?

Jinchao cut the apple in two.

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Can I talk to them for a minute?

Mikael has three brothers.

I could not help laughing at his jokes.


She has been sick since last Wednesday.

I did something I regret doing.

Will you come with me?


He has a business in New York.


We are trying to close the box.

I didn't use the door.

In France, we leave alone those who start fires, but we persecute those who sound the alarm.

It's my dream to have a son who'll take over my business when I retire.

Shoes are sold in pairs.

Charlie can swim faster than anyone else I know.

The politician tried to woo corporate interests, but as he was still an insignificant figure on the political scene, they weren't interested.


Robson's proposal is tantamount to defending terrorists because they have a cause.

Don't draw unwanted attention to yourself.

The 1990's saw various incidents.


He gave the dog a bone.

I don't even want to know.

I'm going to need more of these.

He likes drinking coffee without sugar.

I'm going upstairs to change.


Klaus could've said something.

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The castle might be haunted.

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I know what Shai and Joe are like.

Hilda isn't the one calling the shots.

We'll begin shortly.

I'm not sure you realize how important Axel is to me.

She made believe that she knew nothing about it.

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Will you help me pack my suitcase?

Emily ate tofu at dinner.

I can't go in there.

A river flows.

Help me find my contact lens.

Cherries are red.

It's no use arguing with Orville.


I really would like Bill's opinion on this.

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My father is out.

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I thought you said you couldn't speak French.

Novorolsky let out a big sigh of relief.

Everything is just an illusion.


Saul dropped Benson off at her friend's house.

Clem decided to buy the car Presley was trying to sell.

You had played.

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The word has several meanings.

He exchanged a plough for a sword.

I should tell them I'm back.