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ODI provides the following services.

HIV Prevention

HIV Prevention among the vulnerable and most at risk populations i.e. pupil and students in school, employees in vulnerable employment sector and customers who support our businesses.

Contribute Towards Ending HIV&AIDS

Engage and contribute towards ending HIV&AIDS scourge and associated health challenges in Uganda by 2030.

Increase Health Services

To collaborate with Government and development partners in order to end HIV&AIDS among our employees, customers and suppliers.

Let's eradicate HIV

Eradicate HIV today.

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ODI will create a platform for the private sector to have a greater influence on the HIV & AIDS policy agenda, bringing together leaders of business sector to contribute to the development and management of the HIV response in the country. The resources for the kitty will be raised from companies, individual business persons, business associations, Rotary clubs, NGOs/CSO, Development Partners, Foundations, sale of ODI products and public fundraising events like charity walks. The ODI resources will be used to finance private sector HIV & AIDS initiatives targeting both the staff of the private sector organizations and the general population especially the vulnerable communities. Investment in HIV &AIDS is expected to yield long term returns to the private sector, through having a healthy and productive population that can consume products and services generated by the private sector. Access to ODI funds will take on three approaches: i) Grant support to established company health facilities, to scale up existing private sector health and HIV&AIDs initiatives; ii) Call for proposals, which will be limited to the private sector actors (both for- profit and non-profit), for the delivery of HIV &AIDS services; iii) Partnerships with Service Providers, through which, ODI will enter into partnership with established service providers to provide health and HIV& AIDS services to communities and private sector customers; and iv) limited support for critical gaps in programs implemented by the public sector. The ODI Governance arrangements will comprise the Private Sector Assembly, that shall be the supreme organ of the initiative; the Board of Governors, that shall be accountable for results at impact level; the ODI Secretariat, that shall ensure that all results and targets of the ODI are met as per the approved work plan; and the ODI Sub Recipients, that will implement the grants based on the approved proposals and agreement signed with the ODI. The overarching principle throughout the utilisation of ODI resources will be transparency and accountability.

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