It is very hot at night.

I'm not staying in a hotel.

So they ought to have arrived here by now.

They send their child to a part-time nursery.

He helped the lady into the car.

Dan went to his hotel room.

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I did it myself.

She's not herself.

I don't give it to you.

We can't trust anyone now.

What are you going to do with this car?

How are we doing for time?

It is a result.

The principal theme of the book is the American Revolution.

Keep still.

This television is very heavy.

I left my shoes at school.

They're scared.

Is it necessary for me to explain the reason to him?

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I didn't ask for a table here.

There's something sort of familiar about you.

Jingbai is a riot.

Get Chuck something to drink.

She married a hotshot lawyer from New York.

It was a silly question.

Where's my bag?

I have a prisoner.

Do you know when he'll come back?

I use Twitter.

There's got to be something I can do.


We cannot become what we need to be by remaining what we are.

I don't want Briggs to find me.

Manolis's fist connected with Masanobu's jaw and he staggered back.

We're deluding ourselves.

I began to be tired.

Rather than live a hundred years as a rabbit, live one day as a tiger.

Shamim doesn't think Evelyn will be at school today.

You as well as I are wrong.

He blamed me for neglecting my duty.

He took care of the baby.

How was your summer vacation?

Do you believe in love at the first sight?

Do what you have left undone, if anything.

He seems to make nothing of it.

He dates the custom from the colonial days.

I feel like dancing in the fields.

I wasn't finished.


I looked all over the house for that letter.


She is poor, but she is happy.

It's futile to feign illness.

It's only a guess.


Why can't an ostrich fly?

Kim wanted to be a ballerina.

What makes you think Lowell did that?

We should do what we always do.

I translated the poem the best I could.

The top is turning clockwise.

Rabbits can swim.


I needed time to convince her.

I don't like apples.

I'm in Perth.

Mitchell left me a surprise.

Sundar tried to break up the fight between Juergen and John.

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It's been three months since I met her.

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Let's forget about what happened today.

Look how tipsy she's gotten with just one drink. She definitely can't hold her liquor.

It'd be murder.

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I'm not in any particular hurry.

Leave the window open for a while.

They say she died.


Please change my room?

We have a dishwasher.

I'd like to get another opinion.

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She seems excited.


Geoff is very talkative, isn't he?

You walk on and I'll catch up with you later.

Hey, what are you guys looking at?


Is it an action movie?

I'll put the suitcases in Nate's room.

I was home by myself.

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I thought Nigel did a pretty good job.

Ralph has been depressed ever since Sam died.

Well, no one invited me.

I should put on more clothes.

He heaped abuse on the rather surprised clerk.

We know each other pretty well.

I'll come back to Australia the day after tomorrow.

My aunt dropped in on me yesterday.

Celeste found the hat Marlena was looking for in the basement.

I wish I was as hungry as you.

Just tell me who to call.

Peace has returned after three years of war.

I recommend you the ASSIMIL method.


I have a daughter the same age as your son.


Why don't you just go get her?

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Where is your twenty? I'll give you five bucks for it.

I'm downloading the pictures now.

Evelyn mentioned your name to me.


The new constitution included the aim of abridging the king's power.

Did I catch you at a bad time?

You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.

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Carlos denied any knowledge of that.


There are more than enough rocks here.

Sabrina is a great motocross rider.

I feel happy because I am quit of that trouble.

Who else do you miss?

She speaks German.

I called his name loudly, but he didn't even look back.

Lynne was the last person I expected to see there.


This picture is hilarious.

Nou has had one lung removed.

Lending money to such a fellow is as good as throwing it away.

I don't really know why, but they don't like me.

He pleaded with his mother to let him go to the party.


Sabrina has bruises on his right arm.

Well then I'll allow two on a bike, but you pedal, because I'll ride on the rack.

I like working for this company.

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Your handshake is too tight.

It is time to shut the gate.

I've something interesting to tell you that you might find surprising.

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Many people have a dream.

I was right there with Siping at the time.

Here comes inaction and we don't know how to stop it.

You can leave the room now.

I'm sick of talking about it.

I shouldn't have told you anything.

Himawan is thinking about getting married.

You gave away the ending.

She is another Madame Curie.

He was re-elected six years later.

His mother called him "Echo."

Otto Lilienthal was a German engineer and entrepreneur.

Dominic is donating blood.

I just want to finish this and leave.

Wayne isn't going to hurt anyone again.

She knelt down as she came into the church.

Put it in the freezer.

Hiroyuki agreed to go to Boston with Bjorne.

I'm trying to protect you.

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I wish that I had known.


We're all very proud of you.


You're belligerent.

Naomi and Theodore were alone in the park.

I think it's obvious.

I went to market after he came home.

I was the last one to see Ping.


I don't care what Hohn says.


The road was quite muddy, and, what is worse, it began to rain.


I have cabin fever.

It is harder to crack a prejudice than an atom.

In any industry a reputation can make or break people.

Many railroads have been replaced by highways.

I didn't get a job.


My tongue slipped.


The police showed me your picture.

This fluorescent lamp is starting to flicker. We'll have to replace it.

I made him cry.

Show them the picture.

We will be back at half past three.


My baby kicks very hard.

He and I are almost the same height.

Dr. Hideo Noguchi died in Africa in 1928.

We've been wondering where you've been.

Donald helped his son get dressed.


I was there with her.