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Although the summer is nearing its end, it does not mean that the sun can not impair your vision. Glasses are worn throughout the year, so they are not just a trend, but an investment This indispensable fashionable additive, which gives your dress combination a stamp, especially during the spring and summer, has a protective function first. Sunglasses damage the eyes from harmful sun rays and take care of eye health. How important it is to wear glasses throughout the year, testify to what the sun makes of the eyes.

The skin on the eyes, especially on the eyelids, is very thin. If you are constantly exposed to the sun, it will eventually cause aging of the skin and small wrinkles, and it is possible to get skin cancer. By exposure to the sunlight, the phonecard may be affected by the pinguecula or damage to the thin membrane that covers that part of the eye. Because of this, yellowish blobs may appear on it, and the tissue can be inflamed and irritated. Ophthalmologist at the Mayo Clinic, William Brown, points out that people with blue eyes are more easily subjected to macular degeneration, which is associated with weakening and loss of vision. Although there is no proven connectivity, experts strongly recommend that people with bright eyes in the sun must wear glasses, whether it’s bright, summery or winter, a dent in the sun. It is a transparent structure in the eye that, with the cornea, allows the light beams to focus on the retina. Damage to the lens may result in blur removal that is surgically removed. By depleting the ozone layer, the sun’s rays have become more dangerous for the skin, but also for the eyes, and therefore, when buying sunglasses, money should not be saved.

From a quality accessory to which the primary function is to protect the eyes from the sun, sunglasses have become a must-have fashion accessory in recent years, whose shape and color dictate current trends. Eye protection has become a secondary issue, so people are ruthlessly buying glasses in bijouterie stores and street vendors just because a model stands well for them. And that is precisely why they are death for the eyes, because the plastic through which they are viewed, apart from not adequately protecting the eyes from the UV rays, distorts the field of vision and exposes the eye muscles with great effort that can permanently damage your eyesight. Especially sensitive to children’s eyes are children’s eyes and therefore, if they do not already have quality, it is better to walk in the sun without glasses by protecting their field of view only with a hook or visor. Also, sunglasses that you bought on a street stall are a special danger to your eyes if you are short-sighted or longbowed. Namely, their glass gently deforms the perspective of viewing, which is why your diopter can only grow.


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An unwieldy rich Paris Hilton always wears extravagant, striking glasses, which unconsciously shows her how much she wants to be at the center of attention. See what impression you give to the shape of the glasses you wear. According to the shape of the glasses, you can find out to whom the type of person belongs to the person who wears them. Find out what kind of sunglasses wear adventurers, intellectuals, those who would hide, or whoever might be noticed. If you wear pilot glasses, like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, you are an adventurous spirit, always ready for action. This model is a choice of lady, and gentlemen who love challenges, excitement and aim to win the highest peaks. There are different sizes and models, so if you choose to make adventure, choose the ones that are best for you.

The shiny glasses with zircons, as worn by Gwen Stefani, are the choice of lady who want to be at the center of attention. Those who carry them this summer are more important than being trendy. If, regardless of fashion dictates, you can not resist the desire to be noticed, this season you choose more discreet models with a simple golden frame that will give enough gloss to your face. Small, round, in the style of famous “lenons” today also exist in modern variants. If you, like Sharon Stone, opt for such glasses, people will regard you as an intellectual or an artist. A small round frame fits to people who have a cube-shaped face, and pay attention to that before you go shopping. Want to look attractive and sexy like Denise Richards? The catlike shape of the frame reflects just such a look.

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Sunglasses are an inevitable assassin of the summer, and we will present fashion shows that dictate the world’s creators. In addition to managing your own fashion style, it is also important to buy those with UV protection. We will discover and which forms best fit any shape of the face. The models of this season vary: from the aviatorial and huge frames carried by Jackie Kennedy, to futuristic lines that are sharp. On the fashion menu are those of the happy 80s with colorful plastic frames and black glasses. Whatever you choose, in any case, you need to reflect your character and fit with the wardrobe or style. When buying glasses, however, the most important thing is to choose those that are not plastic. Quality glass is an imperative if you want to preserve vision. Opticians, therefore, say: glasses are not only used for decoration, they should be protected from harmful sun rays and other influences. For optimum protection, choose glass that blocks at least 99 percent of the UV light. If you buy poorer eyes, it will become more strained and easier to bother. The choice of glass color is also something you need to take care of – darker eyes need darker glasses. Colors that are well protected are gray, grayish, brown and green.

Sunglasses became a very important detail. Apart from providing protection from the sun, they are always very striking, and therefore they need to be carefully selected, or customized by their face shape and style of dressing. This spring, very attractive models appeared, designers tried to adapt them to different tastes. Sports models are recognized, recognizable by slightly rounded frames. They are intended for men who tend to “kesual” and sportswear. They can be found in various colors, so it’s easy to adjust them and wear the clothes you wear. There are very current and pilot glasses, which this season has inspired many designers. They are recognizable by glass in the form of tears, and the frames are mostly metal. Especially interesting are the models with tinted and glass in metallic colors that perfectly go with the current dress combinations. Classic sunglasses are mostly with glass in green and brown, and this season has not changed much in design so they are still more discrete models. And it’s best to work with business combinations. Glasses are also very current this spring. They are a bit popular with the face, they always have to follow the shape of the head, and they can also be found with metal and plastic frames.