I'm not sure what's wrong. We should have heard from him by now.

Teresa became a professional golfer after he graduated from college.

He doesn't know anything.

Franklin might not have missed the last train.

I want you to do some research.

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Give them a minute.

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It's a real shame that Olaf can't be here today.

You can't outrun that bear.

I see what's going on.

Thierry doubled his investment in a year.

I'm sorry, but it's really not possible.

We don't need that stuff.

I'm glad I'm not the only one who doesn't have a girlfriend.

I am very sorry.

Ouch! I was stung by a bee.

What a marvelous sight!

The school's dress code prohibits dyeing your hair a non-natural color.

Someone is standing at the door.

I caught him by the arm.

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What's it used for?

We need to rack our brains some more.

Is Lex going to help Guillermo?


This job doesn't pay very much.

I want you to be quiet.

Perry should be proud of this.


I think Johnathan is illiterate.


Reid still seems upset.

He said he was busy.

She wrote the letter.

You can stay the night here; there is no problem.

I was nervous and scared.

What's the matter with the lights?

Lynn could tell by the look on Chip's face that she was very excited.

That's really distressing.

I'm a bit down because a blogger friend of mine has decided to stop blogging.

Pilar has truly perfected his craft.

They should give me the right amount to buy a big car.

At least I'm still alive.

Fertile soil is indispensable for a good harvest.

We heard that Tai had committed suicide, but we didn't really believe it.

What was that you just said?

He made a model airplane for his son.

Danielle was easy to find.

When you look up at stars in the night sky, you're seeing other stars in the Milky Way.

The time will come when your dream will come true.


He got quite well.

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Something must have happened down there.

Lorenzo got the job he wanted.

The washing machine still doesn't seem to be working.


Never tell anyone.

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Why is it so hot?

I'm sorry, sir. There must have been some mistake.

You need not go there.


This park is really beautiful and clean.

I'm quite certain I don't want to be married to you.

It was a parade with a capital P.

Metin never forgets to call his mother on her birthday.

This is a bunch of junk.


Adil is very good at studying, but when it comes to athletics, he's a bit lousy.

Rajiv didn't want to continue the conversation.

What are your plans after this?

I'm looking forward to the day when Miss Cobb comes back, I can tell you.

She goes to market every day to buy things.

I should have brought an umbrella.

Jeany only eats lean meats and vegetables.

Pilot began running.

She doesn't have a driver's license.

Is it going to rain tomorrow?

A compromise may be required.

Keep as still as possible.

How much medicine do you take every day?

War is, at first, the hope that one will be better off; next, the expectation that the other fellow will be worse off; then, the satisfaction that the other fellow isn't any better off; and, finally, the surprise at everyone's being worse off.

I can't find my watch.

He rests for two days.

I'm going to head back to my office.

Roman got bit.

Are you saying Rajendra was wrong?

Let me put it in plain language you can understand.

The previous owners of our house moved to Liverpool.

I'm more interested in spoken English.

He decided not to go.


It started to rain.


Just stay away.


I don't know exactly where.

Try and calm down.

Monica had a week's worth of beard on his face.

Miriamne couldn't bring himself to break it off with Laurel.

You are not allowed to climb into his car.

Some of them are my friends.

We are attracted by what you are.

But I don't have any money.

They called them traitors.

Can we talk about this later?

Dan fought a war and won it.

Kent thought that Nikolai liked him.

As our vehicle leaves the ground and plunges over the edge of the cliff toward the valley floor, I ponder whether it is possible that one might allege I am guilty of an act of moral failure, having failed to maintain a proper course along the roadway.

The rejected feel dejected.

Ranjit is extremely resourceful.

It was fair.

We were miserable.

Boys spend less time on homework than girls.

None of that was true.

At first, the idea seemed absurd.

Let me have a talk with her.

I'm not interested in your religion.

I was rude.


I don't think you're crazy.

When have you been born?

Each of the students has his own locker.


Let's not discuss this in front of the children.

The language website, tatoeba.org, was shut down temporarily for maintenance.

I like your book.

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I'm living with my mom now.

Are you Chinese, sir?

I still think it's funny.

The elderly man takes strong drugs for his heart.

Knowing which was the original language of your holy writings is important.

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I feel really bad about that.


He cannot afford to buy a car, much less a house.

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At The Happiness Institute in Australia, a couple of hundred dollars may do the trick.

He's in debt to the bank because he bought that big house.

I might not sleep tonight.

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Chris will come here.

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Micah shouldn't have interfered with what Jonathan was doing.

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Sofia lives in the same part of town as Geoffrey does.

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I said I believe in you.


Slavery was legal there.

It's a travesty.

We shall leave tomorrow morning, weather permitting.

I heard you talked to her.

Amanda is such a jerk.


This is incredible! How do you hit a winner from that position?!

I feel the same way as you do.

When we set out, it was raining, but when we arrived, the sun was shining.

We will adopt your method at our school.

I'm still in pretty good shape.

I just don't know what to do.

I don't think that I'll be able to solve this problem by myself.

Are you busy, Giovanni?

He was the first actor I had met in my life.

Mayuko took a bite of my apple.

Do you think something went wrong?

I maintain that I'm not at fault.

Let's send Graeme a sympathy card.


It's a problem.

Make your students read books that make them think more.

Skeeter raised me.


Excuse me, but could you tell me how to get to Central Park?

Lyndon used to be obnoxious.

How did your test go?

"He probably wants to eat some shaved ice," he said.

I said all I had to say.


One must use reason.

Saad was so drunk that he spent the night in a ditch because he could not find his way home anymore.

Samuel is recovering.


Thank you for giving me those Italian magazines!

His success depends on his efforts.

How much sugar do we need?

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We have had little snow this year.

We took a taxi so we wouldn't be late.

If a handful of stones are hurled, at least one will hit.

The price of oil is going up.

You have seven blankets.

Callers pass through an intensive screening before they are allowed to speak to the talk show host.

Ruth never wrote back to Toufic.

We don't know what it means.

I'm happy I could help.