She was scared to cross the road.

I am making spare parts in a car factory.

It's interesting that you speak French. I also speak it.

I just can't wait to get home.

You're smarter than I ever was.

The goggles protect your eyes from dust.

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There's one last thing that needs to be done.

You can only smoke in the roof garden.

It's a tough place to be.

Roman drove straight to school.

The trouble is that I have no money on me now.


The rain was dripping through a leak in the roof.

Hume opened up the bag with a pair of scissors.

I couldn't drink both bottles, so I left one for you.

Murat doesn't have a bicycle.

What is an egg for a poor man, is a bull for a rich man.


Sekar is really smart and also kind of cute.

Who did you go there with?

No one noticed.

I suppose that's OK.

Where did you come across the rare stamps?

Nobody was to be seen on the main street.

I like this program a lot!

Who was it that forgot to lock the door of the warehouse?

We seem to agree on everything.

The teachers ordered them to stop fighting.

Sridhar got out of his car and opened the gate.

Cris's parents got divorced when he was very young.

She will drop it this time.

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The freak show came to town!

Lea burned his clothes.

If Donald had tried harder, he would've been able to do it.

Liyuan was the only one who even attempted to do something about the problem.

We need to talk about something.

You really should try it sometime.

Leonard wouldn't let them in.


Let's decide what needs to be decided, then let's split into two teams, OK?

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This dictionary is handy in size.


It's completely illogical.

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That's a picture of a monkey associated with the Year of the Monkey.

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It depends on what you mean.

Lou never wins at tic-tac-toe.

I can't thank you enough for your help.


Don't tell Sassan about the party.

A Airlines flight 112 bound for Tokyo will be delayed 30 minutes.

He is the tallest of the three.

He wants to talk to you.

Knapper isn't as old as I am.


I have visited Boston three times.

I switched to Google Chrome and it worked.

I wasn't aware that you were feeling that bad.


You're good with women.

I hope you enjoy yourself this evening.

They all speak French.

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Lui likes beans.


The report made much of that fact.

Maurice still doesn't know I'm here.

Police cordoned off the crime scene.

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She looked worried about her school report.

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You must've had a very hard day.


Both brothers said that they couldn't support both a wife and an airplane, so they spent their lives as bachelors.

It's drafty in here.


I thought you wouldn't like it.

I have nothing for you.

Floria said that he needed a little more time.

Doctors recommend three meals a day.

There were hidden cameras everywhere.

Ramon didn't provide any details.

I could go for some pizza right now.

Jan seems to be unfriendly.


What time are you meeting Lawrence?

The street is named for President Madison.

There are some things that I don't understand.


Michael has a way with words.

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You always were a fast reader.

What do we live for ?

John lit a match.

Not only you but also he is ignorant of the truth.

Rupert ought to tell Gerald all about what he and John did.

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No overseas adoptions yet? What kind of celebrity are you, anyway? Go sit at the kid's table with Kathy Griffin and Gary Busey!

According to the prime minister, the festival this month is cancelled.

Put on a sweater. If you don't, you'll catch a cold.

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I'll take care of it as soon as I can.

I'm willing to wait for you if you need more time.

Smoke was coming out of Fred's room.

Many people suffer from low self-esteem.

In addition, our experiments are consistent with our theoretical results.

Dogs are smart.

I'm used to eating alone.

I looked into the mirror.

Edgar gave his cat some milk.


As incredible as it may seem, she ordered a knuckle of ham with sauerkraut.

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Master, my time is up; I must go home and see my poor mother once more: so pray pay me my wages and let me go.

The future belongs to God.

We must fuel the machine.

If it were not for water, humans could not survive.

They watched me in silence.

I can't give her these.

Have you told Toerless why you don't like him?

A public good is a good that is both non-excludable and non-rivalrous in that individuals cannot be effectively excluded from use and where use by one individual does not reduce availability to others.

Go to the store!

Dave talked to me about that already.

I have been taking ballet lessons since I was three and hope to be a ballerina.

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It should be possible to change that.


Don't mention this to her.


My parents wanted me to marry a nice guy like Mariou, but I was in love with John.

Since this is important, I'd like you to attend to it yourself.

He ordered a beer.

Jose learnt how to kill vampires.

Hand me the briefcase.


Teriann thought the meeting was a waste of time.

I'm convinced Edmond can succeed.

A week is divided into seven days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Somebody's got to do it.

I'm not too encouraged by what I've seen.

I pushed Anne into the water.

She fascinated me.

Yesterday, my boyfriend told me he'd heard that beautiful women love to be called intelligent, and intelligent women love to be called beautiful. Then he added, "So you must love it that people call you both." In your opinion, how am I supposed to feel about that?

I want to sleep a little longer.

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She threw up.

His face was covered with mud.

After winning the Nobel prize, she remained as modest as ever.


Yvonne did a pretty good job of selecting music for the dance.


Christophe works the evening shift.


That's why I wasn't able to arrive yesterday.

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I told you I hated that shirt.

Michel is a friend of mine from high school.

He was born at seven on the morning of June 5 in 1970.

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It's been a year since I last saw Shoshannah.


We'd probably be best off beating them to the punch before they notice that fact.

You're a good-for-nothing.

I'm grateful for Kimberly's help.


May God keep you!

I can play chess, but I can't play checkers.

We're only a little away from two million.

Until recently, the main function of women was to marry and give birth to children.

Would you prefer to go to the zoo or go to a movie?

Alastair said you could keep it.

Her only desire is to see him again soon.


We seem to have lost him.


I don't think I'm ready to leave yet.

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When it's cold outside, I put my gloves on.


Such an event is quite common here.

Toufic built up a good name for himself.

Ann is the only boy who doesn't like football.

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Maybe Ramon was the one who stole Ramanan's necklace.

Next spring I want to go to Hawaii.

This will be the book he is looking for.

I awoke three times in the night.

This is the car Linda mentioned yesterday.


Kikki's grandmother looks healthy.

The robbery was blamed on Spock.

He rolled down his window.


My parents won't mind.

If I won that amount of money, I would/should just spend it all.

Gross national product is a nation's total output of goods and services during a given period of time as measured in monetary value.