The girl was aware of the danger.


See you guys at 2:30.


Kikki could hardly contain his excitement.

I told my boss over the phone that I would be going straight home without returning to the company.

I won't go far.

Harold's idea seems good.

Friendship is magic.

It was around eight last night when the meeting broke up.

He asked her to marry him, but she refused.

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She didn't pay me the money.

Jerome's dog likes to be vacuumed.

The door opened and a man came out.


I lost half my interest in the project.

It's hard for Mikey to make both ends meet.

He insulted our team.

The doctor told me that I should eat less.

Your birthday is coming soon.

Sometimes we argue about things that don't matter that much.

Who ate all of our food?

The buds on that tree are about to pop open.

Since then, a great deal of change has occurred in Japan.

Allow a student to be absent.

Who are you avoiding?

That is to say, on May 10th.

Morgan could get hurt.


Live and learn.

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Why aren't Guy and Gabriel coming?

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You shouldn't be alone.

The salt cellar was on the table.

I'm being helped.


She studied hard lest she should fail her exam.


My sacrifice will remain forever in their souls and my blood will be the price of their ransom.

The policeman let him park there.

Watch out for the sparks that are flying out of the fireplace!

Manufacturers are liable for defects in their products.

Pablo can be pretty convincing.

Frank sat on the porch and drank tea.

Better believe it.


His behavior puzzled me.

My wife burst into tears.

She was a little girl then.

Since he's in show business he often goofs around in a showy way, but once in a while he has these bashful mannerisms that are really cute.

Had it not been for his aid, I could not have finished the work.

He didn't like being poor.

You never answered the question.

Mysore always yells at Tad every time she does something stupid.

When taking a polygraph test can you be telling the truth and because you are nervous it shows that it's a lie?

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How many flights to Boston do you offer a day?

Nobody can help her.

This is my last project.


We use words to communicate.

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I shook my head a few times.


Weren't you the one who recommended that we hire Todd?

My music teacher was surprised to know I know how to cook.

Why did you tell them I'd left?

I heard about it.

It was not a pleasant experience.

I wrote her a love letter.

We were tired and hungry.


Here is the Paris - Lyon train schedule.


The boy, you see, is my son.

Am I being foolish?

Emma will follow.

I began to sweat.

I don't eat fast.

So far no less than 100 people have died of the plague.

You speak.

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It is necessary to do some exercise every day.

Could you please turn off the radio for me?

The fog soon blurred out the figure of a man walking in front of him.

You may go to your room.

In looking through the mist, I caught a glimpse of my future.


I've been driving this car for three years.


Who is it that Jean-Christophe wants to talk to?

I'm an adult.

Louise is staying with a friend in Boston.

Our work began to flourish.

Vincent runs a company in Boston.

There are 187,888 lakes in Finland.

You're really boring.


You should've seen me dance.

You didn't even cry.

It requires a very unusual mind to undertake the analysis of the obvious.

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I'm not interested in material gains.

Women want equality of opportunity with men.

Ramanan is very angry with Norbert.


Mummy, that man just fell flat on his face!

Aren't you a little young to be doing this?

Keep a cool head.


I'll leave my daughter's education to you, after I'm gone.

English is spoken in Singapore.

I said we'd find Kelly.


I'm never free from worry about my son. Nowadays, he does nothing but play video games, and never studies at all.

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My father always speaks in a very loud voice.


She doesn't want me to speak about this issue.

We happened to meet again through a strange coincidence.

Why don't you ever wash the dishes?


This soup is too salty.

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They interrupted the meeting for lunch.

Seize this brigand! Prevent him from escaping!

I don't think about you in that way.

The fire brigade prevented a fire.

The cat seems to want some water.

I'll teach you some manners!

He cannot drive without eyeglasses.


You've said enough.


Do you think he will like my gift?

I must go. It's getting dark.

I'm really sick of life.

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I thought it was a mistake to tell Ned where we buried the treasure.

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I want to go to London.

He reached out for the book.

Luke looks pretty shaken up.

You must not smoke in this building.

We were incorrect.

Craft must have clothes, but truth loves to go naked.

I'll take my revenge on him at all costs tomorrow.

Brenda works for me as my private secretary.

They made plans.

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We came in view of the lake.

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Do you have to do that?

This is very good.

There's no right or wrong way to grieve.

Did you lock the door?

She blamed her failure on bad luck.


I didn't do that with her.

I'll be happy to explain.

Did you kiss her goodbye?


Were you really that frustrated?

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Can I have a word with you in private?

The names are in the order of the actors' appearance on the stage.

I'm sorry, I was distracted.

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Are all the passengers aboard?

Give them money.

I walk to work.

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They sell various kinds of goods at that store.


She blushed.

If you turn left, you'll see a coffee shop.

They looked intently.

The student raised his hand.

We're trying.

Ernie dropped his pencil.

He stayed at the same job for his whole life.

Do you happen to know where she lives?

It rained yesterday after it had been dry for many months.

Are there any good movies being shown this week?

School begins at half past eight in the morning.

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She wouldn't give him a gift.


Hon died a number of years ago.

The soldiers returned to their lines.

People can begin to love when they choose, but they have no choice when it comes to ending love.

Barry seems angry.

This can is leaking.

My wife went to the powder room to freshen up.

I like working.


I'm glad to know that.