Horses can sense fear.


Democracy is a quest, a never-ending seeking for better things, and in the seeking for these things and the striving for better things, and in the seeking for these things and the striving for them, there are many roads to follow.

That was a beautiful speech.

We waited around to see if anything would happen.


Where's the nearest metro stop?

Manjeri is going to be mad.

It will be a pleasure for us to destroy one of our favorite places in the whole world again tonight.

Where exactly do you want me to put this?

A tongue is the most venomous thing of all.


You need to pay closer attention.

She came near to drowning.

Do you want some coffee or something?

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An awning broke his fall and saved his life.

You can sit wherever you want.

Gerard has two daughters.

Call me when you know something.

You know you're very pretty, don't you?

I'll follow your instructions.

You are mortgaging Vladimir's future.

Didn't you and Kanthan used to hang out together?

Are you being funny?


It's not what we do.

How deep do you think the water is?

I told you I was going out.

My dog follows me whenever I go.

I started using PCs recently.

I like junk food.

I've got exactly 13 dollars in my pocket.


Children are quick to gain orientation to new circumstances.

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"She doesn't love me anymore!" "What?" "It's you who she loves!"


Are you at home from work today?


Of course, we're prepared.

She's a control freak.

Take your passport with you, just in case.

Those who labour with their minds govern others; those who labour with their strength are governed by others.

That would be unlikely.

What's the language spoken in Brittany?

She treated her broken leg.


Brian doesn't know who Felix wants to give the bottle of wine to.


Maybe I should write Louis a letter.

Sofoklis wanted to catch some fish to eat.

Raghu is boarding up the windows.

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You'll find domestic articles on the third floor.

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I need it.

Keep the room in good order.

I thought we came here to discuss a new deal.

I'm not sure about it.

The climate of Japan is not like that of England.

Ramesh waved at Spike.

The scholarship made it possible for me to continue my studies.


Uri, Tao and John are gathered around Alice.

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He has dishonored the family.

Mehrdad seems to be a good cook.

"Who's that? " "It's your mother."


Good health is more valuable than anything else.

Try to encourage me a little.

Dave called the hotline.

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I don't know much more than that.


You're being conned.

She will never forgive me.

It sounds strange, but it is true none the less.


Everyone wanted to see what Irwin was doing.

I'd recommend cleaning your room before your mother gets home.

I know I'm in the way.

How many shots did you fire?

That was the patriotic thing to do.

Could you pass the beans?

Keep a good dictionary at hand.

You stick out like a sore thumb.

I need to get over him.

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Hell is paved with good intentions.

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I can't picture Wendi in a dress.

I'll look into it right away.

Why do you take that medicine?

Just tell me where you are.

I asked Saqib a question.

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She was accused of bribery.

This is the most fun I've had in my life.

The festival will be held in the garden, unless it rains.

I'm working on another case.

Go away.

What did Dannie answer?

I have no friends to play with.

Are you sure Israel's going to be there?

You have to stay in shape.

He is not married.

She tried to conceal the fact.


You're a fucking genius.

We just left.

Matthias had one big ambition in life. That was to become a race car driver.

Corey said that he saw Toby do that.

We don't mean any disrespect.


Do you really know?

Sometimes it's necessary to tell the truth.

Ilya is almost thirty years old.


I'm sure you don't need me to tell you how to do that.

If you use the quit command noted below, you can make the application exit.

My watch stopped, so I didn't know the time.


Please close the door.


What do you want to drink with your meal?

Maybe I should've told Hy.

I weep for my lost youth.

Butler and I were in grad school together.

The world is just like a book, and every step you take is like turning a page.

What'll you do with it?

I wish!

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I would like to order a sandwich.


Do you have the shirt one size bigger?


Can I change the channel?

Has it occurred to you that Ping might be able to help us solve the problem?

What are you, just an errand boy? Start thinking for yourself and give me something serious to work with.

You did a splendid job.

If it were not for television, the world would feel even larger.

He hates his life.

Will you turn on the light?


Luke's cat is missing.


We have not much time.

I thought I could trust them.

Kyu's injuries aren't life-threatening.

Thank you for your present.

Who else is with you?

She stacked the trays in the cupboard.

Albania gained its independence from Ottoman State in 1912.

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Where am I? What happened?


If you don't hurry, you won't get there before dark.

Quantity rather than quality is important.

Lonhyn is going to find out eventually.


Why don't you take a seat here?

They talked on the telephone every night.

They sued the government for damages.

Why quit now?

I think it's a pity that he lied.

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The fraud goes on.


Things are tense.


I wrote the book.

Curse on all laws but those which love has made!

Claude came here this morning to give you this.


She can assess investments very accurately.

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I'm happy that I am not a man.

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My pain is excruciating.

You can't say I didn't try.

A tiny object moved in the dark.

He's a very important person.

Lord, guard and guide us today!


All I know is that I do not know everything.

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Thomas and Loren won't be back for a day or two.

This train rides very well.

You're going to like Hurf.

I meant to have finished writing the paper.

The plane was late due to bad weather.

It was marvellous to meet you.

I can't believe Anderson's getting married again.

The apple looked good, but the inside was rotten.

The age of the universe is about 13.75 billion years.

You can't kill someone that's already dead.

Prepare to die.