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He watched the horse race using his binoculars.


I thought I was going to kill myself.

The orchardist grafted an apple bud onto the rootstock.

An urgent telegram brought her hurrying back to Tokyo.


His letter makes me uneasy.

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We asked experts to make an unbiased study on the linguistic problems experienced in the framework of international communication.


The "Newton Project" collection contains maps that Newton drafted about mythical events of the end of days.

Willie and Theodore have always gotten along well with each other.

Prices rose higher and higher.

Malloy may even be having fun.

Please get plenty of sleep the day before donating blood.


Do you really want to leave Boston tomorrow?

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Jane looked at them both.

Jones is still in prison.

Tomorrow's going to be a big day.


Marilyn will be delighted to hear that.

What does it mean?

Did Julie accept your offer?


He was absorbed in thought.

My grandmother cooked a big turkey.

Dirk won't be happy here without Eileen.

Brandi had white shoes on.

You sing songs to me.

It's the same wherever you try and escape: everywhere is a death row, and everyone's a victim.

They demanded a higher salary.

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I won't help you.

How about going fishing with me?

She never saw him.


Few students know how to read Latin.

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That wasn't right.

Oscar tensed slightly.

I'm much better today than yesterday.

Her speech moved us.

Adam admitted he was scared.

When she saw me, she held my hand so tight, looked me in eyes and told me: "I love you."

It smells of salt and algae.

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Rex ran for it.

I don't know if it's good or bad.

The roller coaster was really scary.

She obviously likes hearing herself talk.

They know the system.


Yukio Mishima killed himself in 1970.


I couldn't even feed myself.

We don't regret that decision.

She turned her head away, lest he should see her tears.


His running away from home is due to his father's severity.

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If you study, you'll become an important person in the future.

I wish I had better news for you.

Only dedicated girls can endure this task.

Matti is no threat.

I have not understood anything.


It'll be done by the time you get here.

Gargling with salt water helps stop coughing.

Kent dictated a letter to his secretary.

You'd better send for a doctor.

But what is it that I am? A thing that thinks. But what is a thing that thinks?


You hid behind the tree.

The house is small but beautiful.

I'll be mad at you if you keep doing that.


What was about to happen?


Could you just go help Clare?

It's just not appropriate.

Laurie sold his house in Boston a long time ago.

I don't know how to say what I want to say in French.

Something is going on.

Ancient people thought that droughts and earthquakes meant that the gods were displeased.

All the hopes of the Belarusian people are set exclusively on the first President of the Republic of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, and his son Kolya.


How is Emmett Jr.?

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The boy went to school.

He was alone at the time.

My mother says Japanese kids aren't naughty, but they live very far away, so Santa Claus doesn't bring them gifts. Thank goodness I was born in Spain.


Leung whistled.

I lost my patience.

Sanity easily guessed Alex's password.

Perhaps you'd be willing to volunteer to take care of the children.

I hope you don't change your mind.

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You've been deceived.

The show was wonderful. You should have seen it.

We're out of gas.

Barry met Ross on the way home from where he worked part-time after school.

She is definitely innocent.

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Picking the teeth does not fill the stomach.


You have to acquire as soon as possible a good knowledge of business English.

It's not size that matters. It's how you use it.

The boy persisted in wearing his hair long.


I doubt if Doug would do that.


We've never seen anything like it.


How far is Boston from here?

She caressed her baby lovingly.

Every day Tuan took baskets full of bread to the poor and cared for the sick.

I can't wear this old suit to that party.

The news took us by surprise.

Michel only talks to Jarmo.

It can go either way.

She managed not to mention her plan.

Joni asked Bart to behave herself.

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I don't know who it was.


He was the talk of the town.

Bad money drives out good.

This is a matter worthy of note.

I have everything memorized.

Buy the full version.

I've already decided to give this to Alexis.

There was the sound of a clap of thunder in my ears.

Kaj doesn't get to his office until nine-thirty.

How can I explain to my husband that he's hurting me?

It is probable that she will come tomorrow.

Do you know Wendi's blood type?


Rajesh helped Toft move the dresser.

The coach told me I needed to practice harder.

I was just thinking about something.

See to it that you keep quiet.

How do I know you're not lying to me right now?

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By the 1750s, all the tribes of the Great Plains had horses.

Have you ever thought about moving to Boston?

In that case, you are right.

Leigh won the Nobel prize for his research.

A friend of mine can speak Hindi fluently.


Have you framed those pictures I brought in last week?


Don't be mad.

I don't understand how a teacher can tolerate being around preschoolers all day.

When he smiled, the children saw his long, gray teeth.

I don't buy it.

I can't put up with this noise.


You should wash your car.

You are not in a legal position to demand anything.

How can you not know?

I have a fish bone stuck in my throat.

A stranger came up to him and asked him the time.

My brother was killed in a traffic accident.

I'm not willing to give this to Heather.


What do these dots represent on the map?


That's silly.

I find it weird that you'd like to see me given how much I bothered you last week.

What are you trying to do? Drive me insane?

He angrily closed the door.

What you need the most now is courage.

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The chairman called the meeting to order.


You'd better not tell anyone about what happened.

We survived by sheer luck.

Ken will notify Tanya.

I'm sure Ragnar didn't even notice you were late.

The outcome depends entirely on your own efforts.

I visited my father's hometown last summer.

Shakil said it was delicious.

We must learn to meet adversity gracefully.

He's materialistic and shallow.

Farm animals were taken away or killed.

She took a photograph of the house.

The bear ate an apple.

Let's classify the names of the students alphabetically.

Ken is not as young as Ramiro.

Hsi got three presents for his birthday.

The four Galilean moons are called: Io, Europa, Ganymede and Callisto.

She'll start over again.


They suspected something was about to happen.


There's nothing better than a delicious meal.