I don't hate anyone.

Who should win?


I think you should kiss Calvin.

Travis was in jail at the time.

Mickey showed considerable presence of mind.


Joseph is very discreet.

We need to work more intensively and effectively.

The bat was stolen yesterday, along with the balls.

The quality of a leader is reflected in the standards they set for themselves. (Ray Kroc)

He could not take his eyes off of her.

She provided for an urgency.

By the way.

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You've often said so yourself.

Forget it.

She was delighted with the flowers you sent her.


Everybody is fine.

The nurse is ill.

He's very shy.

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I happened to see Tursun at the market.

He is second to none in English in his class.

What were you doing down there?

Your own father doesn't trust you.

Jones said nothing at all.


This car is his.


Both their brothers are teachers.

Once you've said something, it can't be taken back.

The price is none too high.


My gerbil has gone missing.

I begged her not to go.

I saw Judith go inside.

They are interested only in their little language.

He is poor but is too proud to ask for help.

I wouldn't recommend that.

I was in all day.

We had a conversation about baseball.

Would you like to know how I did that?


How do you fix this?

Feel your heart beat!

Let me pay tonight.


I'd like to lift some money from the account.

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There are also vendors who support Linux.

I sense that Conrad is hiding something.

Oh name forever sad! forever dear! Still breathed in sighs, still ushered with a tear.

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"I'd like to play cards." "So would I."

The wounded soldier writhed in pain.

I've had no problems with Casey.


Saqib told me to stay at home.

I never even told my wife.

I played along.


Japan does a lot of trade with Canada.


I know a little about Shakespeare.

A female kangaroo carries its young in the pouch.

I'm so excited.

Some people don't wear pajamas.

He was scared to do it.

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India was subject to the British Empire.

Thanks for stopping by.

It's impossible to cross the river by swimming. It's too wide!

I want to eat something that can only be eaten here.

Ariel lives a very simple life in a sparsely furnished apartment.

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Cecilia studies very hard.


You've been through a lot, haven't you?

Raise your right arm.

We asked you not to do that.

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I could not stop by to greet you because I was in a hurry.

You're quite a hero.

One who does not work should not eat.

She shared everything with her sister.

You have to pay special attention to what you eat and drink.


I didn't think you had it in you.

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Merat is stunningly good-looking.

Does their opinion matter?

Where's my boomerang?


Mr. Jackson is our homeroom teacher.

What's Jeremy found?

Go home, for today is enough.

The old couple had no children.

I saw him blink.

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Maybe you're trying too hard.

The man dashed the bottle against the wall.

Come back to the house.


It is necessary that he see a doctor.

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Those are two different things.


I'm amazed I'm not dead.


He threw the ball to first base.

This dictionary contains a lot of information.

I want my songs to be sung by someone famous.

Have you ever known them to come on time?

Brad lowered his gun.

I know nothing about music.

The neighbors are noisy.

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I know what they mean.

Don't get so nervous there is a plenty of time to answer all the questions.

It's already been five years since they returned from Japan.


Noted. Thank you.

Please tell me where we're going.

It is usually the islander who sees the mainland most clearly.

Admitting what you say, I still think he is wrong.

Are you saying I'm crazy?

She's not from here. She was born in another country.

You and Sally used to eat a lot.

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Elwood has been pretty busy.


The capital of the U.S. is Washington, D.C.

Did you know Sassan had a son?

I think I need a little air.

We're looking forward to it.

My sixth wife has a pretty face. She has green eyes.

Even the air's spicy here.

I didn't tell her. She found out by herself.


I wish you did not have so many problems.


She seated herself on the bench.

My flower garden was trampled by urchins.

I suppose I could ask her.

Tad and Steven were sitting on a bench near the pond.

Do your mum and dad have the same surname?

You didn't come at four. That's why they went without you.

Nobody has seen the bird fly.

Linda danced with other men to provoke Dan.

Kristen prepared Tigger for the bad news.

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Narendra and Duke played all afternoon.

I'll ask them to wait.

When I look at the stars, I feel like I'm really insignificant compared to the whole universe.

I'd better get going. My father is really strict.

They took a trip to the capital.

The boss promised mountains of gold.

I hope Johan does OK.

My father came home just now.

Laura said that was a bad idea.

Be discreet.

We should do this.

We were all surprised at the effect the news had on him.

Why are you in a rush?

It's been thirty years since we got married.

He fell in love with the beautiful princess.


He speaks broken French.

Dan claimed that it was an accident.

These spiral-bound notebooks are really cheap.

The chances are that the boss will send you to California.

My mother can't ride a bicycle.

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I just picked the most expensive one.

She owes him a lot of money, but she probably won't be able to pay it back.

Did you have a good sleep?


The doctor advised him to keep away from drinking.

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Who has leadership?


He's two years older than me, but he's shorter.

Do you really love him?

The climate of Japan is milder than that of India.

Kim got out of the pool and then jumped back in.

Nhan didn't want to come sailing with us.

What have we accomplished?

Why can't you stay with us?

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I learned German for three years in school and two years in university.

Alexis took her time choosing a dress even though Adam was waiting for her.

The way he talks and acts, you can tell he's a redneck.

Why don't you just hit her?

It got cold after sunset.

I just need to know why this is happening.

Why do you say that he's liar?

My friends call me Ken.

You couldn't be reached.