Watch out for the sparks that are flying out of the fireplace!

It was so cold Mac could see his breath.

In less than one week, they surrendered.


Never ever do it like this again!

I have to buy a new carpet for this room.

This word is difficult.

That photo was taken in my childhood.

How does this apply?

I love the scenery you can see from the bullet train.

I'm glad Bart isn't here.

I want to study abroad next year.

You ran back here.


Vegetation lowers crime.

We'd better hurry then.

My father thinks that he's always right.

Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen.

Don't lump all these issues together. You need to give every single one careful consideration.

I've seen what happens when you don't follow the rules.

Jisheng definitely needs some time off.

Some of the toy dolls are too expensive to buy.

People from Santiago are not as pleasant as the rest of the Chileans.

You've got it backwards.

Grant ate the leftovers.


It is no wonder that he passed the examination.


Konrad's a bully, just like John is.


He's the tallest amongst the boys.

The water coming from the faucet is strange. It has a good smell.

Of course you can take it if you want.

I don't know that sector.

This camera is small, but very good.

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Tokyo has a larger population than any other city in Japan.

Were they with you?

Two years have passed since I last met you.

I don't want them in my house.

The student left without saying anything.

Vincenzo is probably not busy right now.

What kind of rope is this?

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I shouldn't have slept with her.

If possible, I would like to go home now.

I just want to know what Byron said.

Won't I speak Italian?

Shatter, please stop being stupid.

Believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see.

I miss my mother very much.

I don't have to go anymore.

The doctor told him to cut down on smoking.

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Let's discuss it now.

She panicked when she heard the news.

When I was your age, we had to walk uphill to school, both ways.

It's nearly dark.

Try to put yourself in Robert's shoes.

There's nothing wrong with the way you look.

Neptune is very similar to Uranus.

Eisenhower kept his promise.

He is a good speaker as politicians go.

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Don't call it a day just because the road's blocked.

The note was from them.

She was disqualified from the race for two false starts.

Do you have doubts?

That was my idea, not Kamel's.


There are monsters everywhere.

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My battery is dead.

We must beef up our organization.

Briggs is as healthy as ever.

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There is no room for romance in my life.

That's simply not possible.

Stand up and take a bow.

Marie knows everything there is to know about cars.

You should stay away from that guy.


She couldn't convince him to ask for a loan.


Do you know how to cook meat?

Gill doesn't like to speak French.

I just worked 13 hours straight.

The fear of failure is one of the most common fears in the world.

I'm sure I can find them.


Po won't forgive you.

His health ebbed slowly away.

Can you estimate its value?

Blake is a workaholic.

My sister goes to the Carpathians every year.

You will miss Japanese food in the United States.

Some of them are healthy, but others are not healthy.


Oh, what have I done? What have I done?

That's cyanide.

I was happy to hear the news.


Bradford thinks you're good at French, but I know you're not.

Turkeer has a pickup truck.

This book seems easy to me.

May I ask another question?

Emet sat at my bedside for ten hours.

Do not open those windows.

I figured it out on my own.

I acquired it.

Rabin and I'll do our best.

I want you to go home and get some rest.

Do you know why I came here?

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Marvin gave Takayuki a piece of his mind.

I find it strange that she hasn't arrived yet.

We agreed on an early start.

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Is it a butterfly or a moth?


I was very happy with that.

I hope not.

I would like this book.


To see him talk, you might think he's a girl.


I'll get even with you for this insult!


My throat is a little dry.


I am a widow.

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It's a lot more fun than I thought it would be.

Do whatever you want, there will be gossiping anyhow.

He can overcome any obstacle.


He searched my face for my real intentions.


I'm using the computer.


I wonder if that's her.

Did you read it at all?

It's unnatural.

Your task will not be an easy one.

He was ill, so he lay in bed all day long.


Who did you see at the station?


The question is whether he can do it or not.

Do you know how far it is from the station to city hall?

Dan gave Linda a tour of his castle.

The color white is a symbol of purity.

What happens if we fail?


Bush respects the Geneva Convention.


It was civil of him to offer his seat to the old man.

She waited for him for two hours.

Yoga can help lower stress.


She's so gullible she'll believe anything you tell her.


Is Siegurd in your class?


Aimee has big problems.

I have to have an interview before taking the examination.

I tried to get Trevor to stop.

That's not our problem.

I was never a communist, but if I had been one, I would not be ashamed to admit it.


She hasn't got the knack of cooking yet.


He replied to his parents.


I always root for the underdog.

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David trusted her.

I just wanted to say good luck.

She's a xenophobe.

Teruyuki plays basketball well.

I'll give you a call when I decide what to do.

The judges haven't yet picked the best book.

Please give me your answer by return.

I'll be out of town for a week or two.

Your plan didn't work.

I'm not much of a one for art.

Honesty pays in the long run.


I will find out how the medicine works.

I had my camera repaired at that shop.

Low-density lipoprotein is bad for your health.

When I am sitting next to the window, I feel sick.

Quakers believe that it is always wrong to kill.

What're you insinuating?

Has Klaus said anything?

I didn't steal it. I just borrowed it permanently.

She was right in the middle of cutting cucumbers.

Piet was running from the police.

We know this song.