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Let's get this job done.


It is said that Tokyo is a very safe city.

A young girl was at the steering wheel.

That's easy.

The old fellow seized the youth by the arm, and said roughly, 'Follow me!'

Ti's dangerous.


Several soldiers were injured in the offensive.

It's not possible to know everything.

I have a bus to catch.

He hurried out the door, and accidentally forgot the key at home.

We often hear it said that Japanese are good workers.

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It's hard to keep a straight face when Milo and John get together; they're such a couple of cut-ups.

We're freaks.

Spy lived in Boston when he was in college.

Just like I thought, the contractor came back today, begging for more time.

It didn't take too much time for us to finish the project.

Adrian isn't the type of person who gossips.

He lied to you.


Maybe he has lots of girlfriends.

Can you load the dishwasher?

He has to support his mother and his sister.


I hate the sound of my voice.

That's the arrangement.

His cell phone was turned off.

Canada is a Nordic country.

My father usually goes to his office by bus.

When I had just arrived in Switzerland, I was completely taken aback by the prices.

Do you want to hear some more?


I thought you were a man.

I bought two video tapes for the new VCR.

I'm not going to be at this afternoon's meeting.


There are too many people there.

I like to pick roses.

It's on your desk.


He plucked one of his few strands of beard.

Words hurt more than fists.

It's very abused.


They arrived there before dawn.

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Hirofumi wanted me to drive.

What was she doing there?

Nothing else was taken.

I guess fire should do the trick!

He was bought up by his strong willed sister.


It's already seven.

That is the absolute truth!

Nici told me all about that.

Do your old people still speak your language?

It's in the air that they may get married.

It seems like a very good plan.

He had his secretary translate the letter to English.

No other hotel can beat this one for service.

I wish I could talk to Michiel.

I can hardly believe how much nonsense is uttered not only by ordinary forum users but also by the so-called experts.

This is my assistant.


I hope that you will enjoy this song.


I forgot to stick a stamp on the envelope.

Bernie didn't want to ask anyone for directions.

She was wearing a white petticoat.


I took my revenge on my children.


Is it true that Joe is dating a Japanese girl?

Somebody's at the porch!

That's the guy I saw steal Alan's handbag.

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I wonder if you could do me a favor.

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He's already spoken with the president.

That question doesn't concern me.

As a new father, I gave my first child plenty of books.


He has nothing to do.

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You don't have to study theology to be a believer.

Since his appearance has completely changed, you probably won't recognize him.

Why didn't you listen to him?

I want you to put out your cigarette.

The people who don't ask you anything are the best comforters.


The princess gave her lover a sabre covered with gold.


I know how much she means to you.

Why do people want to become doctors?

The exam was too difficult for me.


What the hell are you doing here?

How did you come by this information?

I only had two glasses of wine.

He tried several times, but did not succeed.

Michael has just opened a restaurant on Park Street.

Honzo was on TV last night.

Roman is never coming back. He's dead.


The lecture on the budget was very interesting.


The company has hard and fast rules against lateness.

Milo had little or no idea what he was getting himself into.

This house has two bathrooms.

That house is for sale.

We were caught in a shower on our way from school.

Do we have an agreement?

I think that my costume for the upcoming Halloween party will be wrapping myself up in toilet paper like a mummy.

May I add you on Facebook?

Chris didn't have a car to drive.


Having been wrongly addressed, the letter never reached him.


Dewey traveled around the world with Jeffrey.

The man peeped through a hole in the wall.

Why don't we form a study group?

Thanks for helping her.

You're better than her.

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You should still be in the hospital.

I didn't let them know.

You don't want Scott to think you're poor.

Knowing you I'm ready for anything.

Golden words, in love, do everything.

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This is all entirely my fault.

My grandfather was a pirate, a treasure hunter.

This train makes connections with a ferry-boat at Takamatsu.

Dan bailed Matt and Linda out.

There is no table in the room.


We are to meet at the station at seven.

I want you to come back with me.

My life is perfect right now. I don't want anything to change.

I'm going to ask you to do your duty.

You must have some nerve to ignore _me_.

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Children cry because they want to eat.

If you're tired, go to sleep!

Have you given Herb anything to eat or drink?

Please check the attached file.

Victoria promised to wait.

The two boys look more alike than I thought.

The expressway was congested with thousands of cars.

She has done him many kindnesses.

I can't read the letter.

Yes, in Osaka too we say "idiot" when we are insulting someone.

Mr Soarez has been my close friend for years.

Pfirsichbaeumchen knows some words in Berber.

Who else might've done it?


These shoes are too tight to wear.

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A child is very sensitive to its mother's love.

Didn't you promise never to tell a lie?

I wish I hadn't kissed Sergiu.

I should've gone after her.

What time does it open?

This is foolish.

Do you have someplace to go?


He's a slowpoke.

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Cynthia turned off his desk lamp.

She was forty, but she appeared older.

I want to win.

Do you have any English-Japanese dictionaries?

He takes very good care of his guests.

We should bear in mind what is called wisdom is not a mere item of knowledge.

He was given a gold watch from the teacher.

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There is a yellow rose.

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I arrived within 30 minutes.

If winter comes, can spring be far behind?

Benson seems to be depressed.

She was always quarreling with her brothers.

Debi took advantage of a tax loophole.

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Who's going to look after my sick grandfather if something happens to me?

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Sriram smiled at them all.

I know some dirty jokes, but I never tell them.

I maxed out my credit card.

Have you told Urs that you used to date Liber?

I need this more than you.

My arm still hurts.

It would be better to talk of something else.

Who said it?

Kumi made a box.

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Mann is being modest.