We went to the party and had a pleasant time.

Did you know that July 6 is the International Kissing Day?

Will you be quiet?

She perceived that she had been wronged.

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That's all for now, or should I say 'that's a wrap'!

That's the one we want.

It takes a lot of money to keep up such a big house.

Mixing ammonia and bleach is dangerous.

I don't think there's anything to worry about.


Perhaps we shouldn't have gone to Boston last weekend.

Vistlik has no criminal record.

Linley played the piano.


We did have a lot of fun, didn't we?


The change of air had done me much good.

Why should I interfere?

Question: Is Cookie a dog or a cat? Answer: A cat.

The intensity, frequency, and duration of North Atlantic hurricanes, as well as the frequency of the strongest (Category 4 and 5) hurricanes, have all increased since the early 1980s.

I thought Vladimir wasn't going to be here today.

Blacks need not apply.

The sun is essential to life.

Should it rain tomorrow, the baseball game will be postponed.

Do you know how you're going to stall Alan?

I've brought a gift for Panacea.

I was excited for the tango lessons.

She can foretell the future.

Will surgery help it?

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If you want allergy relief, try this.

His mother knitted him a woolly jumper every year for Christmas.

We'll get back to you before the end of the week.


We should keep every school open and every teacher in his job.


How long did it take to fix the car?

I don't remember Panzer.

Colin was in Boston for three years.

Supply is relative to demand.

Her story reminded me of the good old days.

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Do you have classes with Shari?

Eat up all your spinach!

I've been waiting since six o'clock and still my turn hasn't come.


What grade are you in?

Do you object to smoking?

My umbrella protects me from the rain.

Oh! he said, I would gladly drown myself, if the water was not so cold!

I drive a convertible.

The future looked very gloomy.

I'd like a wake-up call at six tomorrow morning.

A new kind of bullet had been invented.

I know what's going to happen next.


Don't get sidetracked.


I bumped into an old friend for the first time in ten years on the Shinkansen the other day.

It's no big secret that Axel stepped out on his wife every chance he got.

The hare is bleeding from its ear.

You will do as I say.

It's one thing to speak a language; teaching it is a whole new ball game.


I won't let her do it.

As expected, Celeste asked Amanda to marry him.

I want to be proud of who I am and what I have done.

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I can't afford to buy clothes regularly.

Kristian remained in Florian's radar.

The reason will never be known.

It's really exciting.

Playing cards is a pastime.


He was doubtful at first but soon came to embrace my advice.

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We didn't see him.

Don't forget to do your homework, okay?

I need to get some air.

Sedovic left the key in the ignition.

Will you excuse me for a moment?

I just can't get the information I need.

Roger Miller entered the United States Army at the age of seventeen. He was sent to an army base near Atlanta, Georgia.


She says you're cute.


It's time to stop.

Dutch is spoken in South Africa and in the Caribbean area.

I threw a stone at the bird.

Why are you so popular?

How could we not have noticed?

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A fish rots from the head down.


The prisoners were trying to escape.

I dare say there'll be taxis at the station.

Let me cut the carrots.

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Skef asked Nate not to leave him alone.

We're counting on your help.

How did you convince him?

I'm looking for the post office.

You're authorized to do so.


In a word, he gained much profit.

From the stars, knowledge.

I have to leave tomorrow morning.

Don't hesitate. Speak out.

Danielle is a really sloppy kisser.

Herve deeply regretted doing what he had done.

Get up at once, or you will miss the 7:00 bus.

You could learn a few things from Robin.

I'm not prepared to do this.

I like watercolors more than pastels.

My neighbor's name is Stephen.

It's my book.

By the time we got there, the ship had left.

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When I arrived, the dispute had reached its boiling point.

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Please let me pay.


He pulls down at least twenty million yen a year.


I wanted to make her happy.

I like being part of this group.

I really have to do this work today.


I don't want to know their names.


It says on the label to take two tablets.

I'm sorry.

We were caught in a shower while we were on a picnic.


It looks like you are from India.

Dogs can't speak, but it appeared as if the eyes of the dog said, "No, I don't have a home."

Some people say there shouldn't be any secrets between friends.


He acts like a rock star.

I slept the whole afternoon away.

The bathroom is at the end of the hall.

A thief could have easily seen the note and stolen the laptop.

I told her you already knew.


Someone must have left the water running.

Christopher Columbus disliked Spanish brothels, as he found them dirty and too expensive. Instead, he would go out to sea, get lured in - on purpose - by the Siren's song, and then have a rocking good time.

I'll ask her tomorrow.

Dan left the key in the ignition.

She decided not to attend the meeting.

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Peggy was kind enough to carry my suitcase for me.

It is no exaggeration to say that she is an angel.

Her family considers suicide to be dishonorable and selfish.

Suzanne doesn't know what to say.

No, he doesn't have a motive.


I'm sorry, I can't help you.

These operations are technically impossible.

Please line up in order of arrival.

We couldn't have picked a better time.

When are you going to do that?

I've known Giovanni since he was born.

When it lightly rains like that, I wish to go for a walk in a park.

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I'm not in so great hurry.


Do you know who said that?

I'll come over to your place at the start of the holidays.

Is Heinz with you now?

Human's nature scares me.

They importune their parents for money.

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The wedding of the Romans is over.

I'd be delighted if you'd come with me.

I considered leaving school, but thought better of it.


Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic.


What are we having for dinner tonight?

There are a lot of things I want to do in life.

I am looking for a native speaker who can correct this paper for me.

I am the one.

I appreciate the thoroughness of your report.

Please let me know if you find any typos or missing words.

Isn't that correct?


I just got a tattoo.

What kind of person would treat their pet that way?

Wilson whispered something into Gil's ear and she smiled.

I'm not very good at speaking Arabic.

Where is the hammer?

Woe to the vanquished.

Tollefsen is the last person I want to see right now.

Thank you very much. You should also feel free to ask me for help in the future.

Did you get to meet him?

He didn't get the job.

He is the least capable man I have ever employed.

I think John is quite selfish, and a little bit vain. He isn't easy to get on with.

I met a friend at the airport.